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In November of 2016 Polymer Bonding Process was executed for the first time. Virtually every day since then, we have learned more about bonding polymers. As much learning has come from entrepreneurs, from engineers and scientists from around the world and from our clients as has come from our testing. With so much to learn about bonding polymers, we hope that these contributions continue.

We appreciate these contributions to the ever growing knowledge base for bonding polymers. We are going to use the “Videos”, “Repairs” and “Don’t glue, Bond” sections of the website to share input for our clients for the benefit of those looking for answers on issues they are trying to resolve. If you learn something about the Polymer Bonding Process of bonding polymers, we would appreciate your contribution to the knowledge base through a video, pictures or written commentary..

Contributions, videos, pictures, commentary, on how your solved your repair issue(s) are welcome.

Choose your issue or area of interest and watch the video that will help make your repair/task quick and easy. Videos are ordered with Tech-Bond produced videos first, then client videos both with the newest listed first. You will also get a step-by-step instruction sheet to guide you through the repair process.

A partial list of our videos topics are given below. Videos are then sorted by specific repairs.

Whether you are using the Polymer bonding Process, Tech-Patches or the Tech-Bond Molecular bonding System to repair/bond poly and non-poly items we hope your find these section helpful. If you have questions, please call 877 565 7225,’

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