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Easy and Permanent Pipe Repair

Throw away that how to book for dummies and stop pulling out your hair as you agonize over the balance of your checkbook and the cost of replacing your home plumbing system. We have a revolutionary new way to easily and permanently repair your pipes. Our Easy and Permanent Home Pipe Repair (that anyone can do) works on any type of pipe substrate; PVC, copper, galvanized steel, abs, cast iron, lead and more.

Where has this product been all my life? How have I not heard of this before? Well versions of it have been utilized by professional water, oil and gas supply companies for years and it is quickly becoming the standard for pipe repair in all industries. These repairs include Type A wall thinning and Type B through wall defects such as holes, pinholes and cracks. This new leading standard in professional pipe repair is called a composite pipe repair system. This repair method is compliant with the ISO 24817, which sets the standard for composite repairs of all pipelines, pipework and tanks.

The previous at home composite pipeline repair system problem:

Extraordinary cost.

If this product has been around this long and is the industry standard, why has it not been offered for home repair before now? Well the answer to that is easy. Composite repairs typically require the use of a curing hot bonder. The cost of this integral machine is between $8,000 and $12,000 dollars. It allows the composite material to stick to the pipe in order to create and maintain a seal.

The Tech-Patch Repair Solution:

The Polymer Bonding Process.

Our innovation? We have replaced the need for a curing hot bonder with our patented Polymer Bonding Process. ( Patent No: 10,577,521) The composite material of choice that complies with ISO 24817 is the polymer fluorosilicone. Fluorosilicone is a polymer. Polymers are extremely difficult to glue, let alone bond, ergo the hot bonder. The Bonding Poly Process takes the guesswork and hassle out of working with all polymers and even ultra high molecular weight plastics.

Our composite material is also fluorosilicone. It is the polymer of choice because it is extremely resistant to aging and weather, as well as impervious to hydrocarbons, water and most chemicals. Our fluorosilicone composite repair system or Tech-Patch Repair Solution, comes treated with our Poly Prep Adhesion Promoter. This promoter, along with the steps of the bonding poly process, negates the need for the ultra expensive curing hot bonder. In addition, with the patch surface already prepped and primed, that is one less step for you to worry about.

Easy and Permanent Home Pipe Repair Steps:

That anyone can do.

  1. Prep the surface of the pipe by wiping it clean and hand sand it down (sanding paper provided).
  2. Apply the bonding agent to the patch (excluding the corners) and press it against the area of damaged pipe. Let go after thirty seconds.
  3. Spray the accelerator around the edges to instantly set the patch and create the water and airtight seal.
  4. Apply bonding agent to the corners and use the glue squeegee (provided) to press the corners down.
  5. Spray the accelerator again from the outside to set and seal it.
  6. To fully engage the bond and utilize the maximize strength of the Tech-Patch, apply low heat. A hair dryer will work just fine. Heat is the final and most integral part of the bonding poly process.

The full curing time of the Tech-Patch system is 24 hours. Applying the heat strengthens the bond by expanding the molecules and then as it cools, the molecules constrict, at the same time as the bond cures. This bond actually connects the patch to the pipe and the molecular level. This bond is far stronger than a glue joint, which is the end result of a typical “super glue”. More importantly, a glue joint does not provide an impenetrable seal. What you are left with after the Bonding Poly Process is complete, is a repair that will last longer than the pipe itself, as demonstrated in our accelerated aging test. When finished, you will have a strong permanent repair that can withstand up to 120 pounds of pressure per square inch. This rating is far more pressure than any pipe in your home will experience; the average residential psi is only 60.

For more comprehensive instruction:

Watch the video below.

Accelerated aging test results:

See the difference.

The lasting difference:

The Tech-Patch not only repairs the defect(s), but extends the life of the existing pipe.

As you can see from the independent accelerated aging test, the Tech-Patch is in far better shape then the surrounding steel. The top right corner was left unbonded, to show the difference the patch makes to the actual pipe substrate. The result is astounding. The patch not only provided a sealed repair and withstood the rapid time progression, but protected the steel. The area around the patch is very visibly corroded and rusted. Underneath, the metal appears close to pristine.

Our performance guarantee:

Good for the life of the patch.

Applying a patch, a permanent Tech-Patch, typically costs about twenty percent of installing replacement pipe. Plus, you have our unconditional money back guarantee for the life of the patch.

As with our Tech-Bond products, if you are not one hundred percent satisfied, at any time, with the performance of your Tech-Patch, we will send a complete refund.

Tech-Patch With Standard Poly Kit

Don’t just take our word for it:

Professional Tech-Patch testimonial.

Alan Whiteley from Melbourne Austrailia:

“We have applied the bonding agent and trimmed patch as outlined in your instructions and I can only say I’m amazed. It’s fantastic adhesion and the seal is perfect. We had two cracks to repair on a gasoline container integral to a large power unit. We were able to complete the repair in situe saving considerable time and expense that would have involved us removing the unit and dismantling the power unit. Thank you for your kind assistance. I will recommend your products without hesitation.  We wait now for the next problem to solve.”

Comprehensive reports and where to buy:

Follow the two links below.

The first link is to our Tech-Patch reports. While this is a first time at home repair offering for ISO 24817 compliant composite repairs, we are in commercial sectors as well. The commercial sectors require stringent testing, to ensure the strength and life of the repair, under variable conditions. The Tech-Patch has been tested extensively. To view these tests, follow the Tech-Patch reports link below.

The second link is to our Tech-Patch Online store. Once you are in the online store, there are three grades or selections of Tech-Patches; standard, commercial and industrial. The commercial patch is recommended for all pipe repairs, as it has a stronger pressure rating (120psi) than the standard Tech-Patch.

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Tech-Patch For Pipeline Repair
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