The Solutions Story

Developing Solutions from Financial Services to Information Technology to Polymer Bonding”

CEO of Tech-Bond Solutions
    Don Meyers

Throughout his career, our founder and CEO, Don
Meyers, developed a reputation for finding solutions.
As a Regional Vice President with a nationals financial
services firm, Mr. Meyers was intensely involved with
converting the defined benefit pension program of a
major upper midwest Hospital corporation to a
matching 403(b) program.

Since this was one of the first conversions of its type, there were administrative issues, communication issues, compliance issues, management issues and more.   Working with stakeholders from Vice Presidents to HR admins, Mr. Meyers developed guidelines that prevented problems from occurring.

As a result of these efforts, the conversion exceeded expectations in every area.  Since this was hist tenth major enrollment, Don knew the answers and had a defined system to guide the enrollment.  Experience matters.

Industries change.  In the late 80’s, the 403(b) market changed from a growth industry to a maintenance environment.  As a result, Mr. Meyers was downsized.   Where to go?

From within the insurance industry, Don looked at the entire industry as a whole.  Frankly, it was obvious that the industry was a mess, atrocious sales practices, bad training, poor concepts.  So bad that major companies were fined over a billion dollars by the SEC.

Mr. Meyers became a sales and marketing consultant and an author.  Don published a ground breaking series titled “Re-engineering the Life Agent”.  With his reputation in the industry,  Mr. Meyers received the backing of several insurance companies to develop a new distributions channel.

It would have been Select Quote on steroids.  Alas, it was too early.  But the venture was an incredible learning experience.   After the venture went down in flames, Mr. Meyers had to look for new horizons.

Shortly, he found himself working in the go-go IT world of the 90’s.  Remember that era?  If you could spell COBOL, you got hired as a programmer.  If you had an IT degree in networking, you led major network installations.

Mr. Meyers became the Chief Operations Officer of a small IT placement firm.  That firm provided contractors to build intra-networks within companies and programmers for writing codes to handle Y2K issues.  Don’s experience?  Twelve years of interviewing and hiring.  Experience counts.

Alas, once the 20th century ended and companies had their website.  The Y2K crisis ended.  Slowdown was inevitable.  Therefore, a new venture was needed.

Don decided that this next effort was to be his own venture rather than the corporate world.  The question was “what”?  Selling glue?  Glue?  Rather an unusual choice, but at least it wasn’t the corporate world.  It was a different world, it was a product that worked and a new industry with new challenges and new problems to solve.

Being a doer Mr. Meyers, if he wasn’t busy, he was playing with his adhesives, learning, gaining experience.  After several years, Don was developing new techniques.  As a result, world class taxidermists in the US mow use processes developed by Don.   In prep rooms across the US, gluing procedures being used by embalmers were developed by Mr. Meyers.

Those developments enabled technicians to do their jobs faster and easier.  During this time, Don was both a student and a teacher.  He was gaining experience and communicating “how to” to a range of professionals and technicians.  As a result, professionals had better techniques available and  many enthusiasts became more accomplished at making repairs.

The Unsolvable Problem

jThere was, however, was one problem that was unsolvable, gluing polymers.  In a short-time, Mr. Meyers developed a process that was better than anyone else achieved.  Yet, since all polymers are not created equal, there was a number of failures.  Mr. Meyers kept trying.

Finally though, a breakthrough, a true Eureka! moment.  After that moment, polymers could be bonded, not glued, quickly easily and permanently.   Experience, persistence and, frankly, a little bit of luck generated the breakthrough.

A patent application filed for the Polymer Bonding Process (Process).  With the Process,  ALL polymers are bondable, though it took a full year to convince ourselves of that fact.  Importantly, bonds are stronger and more durable than glue joins.

The next breakthrough

Polymers are the building blocks of modern manufacturing.  The Process turns those building blocks into Lego’s.   Since 2016, we have worked with a number of entrepreneurs and companies to develop products/solutions.

Our own efforts produced the Tech-Patch, a truly incredible solutions.  That solution is needed world wide.  We already have another major solution lined up.  But we need to implement the Tech-Patch technology first.

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