The Solutions Foundation

The Solutions Foundation

The Solutions Foundation will serve as an incubator for new products and applications that use polymers.

Since 2016, when we first put together the steps of our patented Polymer Bonding Process (Process), we have been working with entrepreneurs and inventors who needed to be able to bond polymers in order to create their own solutions. These individuals came from a broad spectrum of industries, medical research, aviation, prosthetics, marine, automotive and many others. In every case, the Process worked for these innovators.

Being the trailblazer in polymer bonding, we are in a unique position to help develop new solutions for the marketplace. Our Tech-Patch Repair Solutions (TPRS) system is an example of a much-needed solution. Plus, as the trailblazer, we already have our next project defined.

The purpose of the Solutions Foundation will be to provide grants to individuals working on a market idea which will use polymers in novel ways. Polymers are the building blocks of modern industry. Imagine the future when you can combine these building blocks; to themselves or to other materials.

Finally, the Process also works with recycled plastics. Our world needs to figure out ways to use the accumulated tons of discarded plastics. Bracelets are nice, but not particularly useful. There are numerous possible uses for recycled plastics. Entrepreneurs. large and small, will find those uses.

From hard won experience, we know bringing a new product using a new technology to market is incredibly difficult. Tens of thousands of dollars are needed. Entrepreneurs with a good product will need help.

Weekly we receive calls and emails from across the globe. Innovative thinking is not limited to America. Both the patented Polymer Bonding Process and Tech-Patches are worldwide solutions. As hard as it has been to acquire the funding to get to this point, we realize, with the changes happening throughout the world, it is going to be much harder in the future for an innovator/entrpreneur to raise funds.

To fund the Foundation, once all affiliated solutions companies hit $ 500,000 in revenue, a percentage of sales revenue will be donated to the Foundation. Those funds will be used for grants to support polymer-oriented entrepreneurs.

One final note. An angel investor would be helpful at this point. Extremely helpful to reach revenue targets before specific dates. If you’ve read the material on this site and would be interested in such a role, please contact Don at 614 327 8884.

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