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Barry Finkle-

“This product really works. My Tahoe had a big crack on the side of the dash and nothing could hold it together. Then I tried Tech Bond and presto, it was strong as new. Then I tried it on some clay tiles that I broke and I got the same results. Very strong bond. It works just like they say in the ads. Price is VERY fair.”

Best bond of polyethylene I’ve seen.

James Logan-

“I needed to fix a polyethylene barrel. Nothing I tried would even stick to it. I tried caulk, superglue, silicon, epoxy, water weld. Nothing except this tech bond worked. Do yourself a favor and try this first.”

Saundra Clare-

“Tech-Bond Solutions enables me to achieve new heights in a highly competitive industry. I’ve solved the unsolvable with this cutting edge bonding science…My brand remains one step ahead of the competition….Return client…Thank you!”

More than epoxy goo.

Jason Taves-

“I first tried using that silicone epoxy. It was the first thing to pop up and the reviews seemed halfway decent, so I bought it. I don’t know what those other people are gluing, but it isn’t silicone. Either that, or they dont need anything that holds with strength. This has more to it than just slopping on some epoxy goo and crossing your fingers. But it is not at all hard or complicated and a million times more effective.”

Unbelievable until you try it.

Dr. G-

“Seeing is believing. Bought a Polycarbonate Window Awning kit. Several of the structural components were broken in shipping. I applied a “maximum strength” big name retail glue, clamped it, and allowed it to dry. Put some pressure on the piece and it easily broke. Scotty Kilmer demoed Tech-Bond, and I was impressed. Bought the Basic Tech Bond kit, followed the directions, including a full 20 second (???) hand clamp, and the impossible happened: structural integrity. Bolted the bonded pieces to the house that day, and no problems. Thanks to you guys and Scotty. I am so used to hype that an honestly great product was a total surprise.”

Viktor Skaggs-

“I have worked at the premier aircraft testing facility for over 40 years and this is the first time I have the opportunity to try something great.”

David I.-

“The handle broke on my silicone spatula. It separated completely and a 1/4 X 1 inch piece broke out of the handle. I could not find a replacement, so I attempted several times to repair the handle. Nothing lasted until I found this kit. It works great. I followed the directions and now have a tight bond that seems stronger than when it was new.”

My secret weapon.

Heidi Keene-

“I make custom 3D printed items for people on etsy. More often than not, people want the most elaborate pieces imaginable. The working time this system gives me is priceless. I like to prime the nylon first, then use the bonding agent and then spray the activator to set it. I don’t make any mistakes lining the pieces up that way. It gives me plenty of working time and then i spray it when i have it just right. I dont know what i would do without it. Dries clear. You would think it was all one piece.”

Alan Whiteley-

“We have applied the bonding agent and trimmed patch as outlined in your instructions and I can only say I’m amazed. It’s fantastic adhesion and the seal is perfect. We had two cracks to repair on a gasoline container integral to a large power unit. We were Able to complete the repair in situe saving considerable time and expense that would have involved us removing the unit and dismantling the power unit.Thank you for your kind assistance I will recommend your products without hesitation.  We wait now for the next problem to solve.”

Joe Cane-

“I bought a kit and the first day I saved hundreds of dollars fixing un-fixable auto parts so I have been sold on tech-bond.

It is great also you do not have to clamp things in place waiting for them to dry. I hold together then have a friend hit it with accelerator and it’s DONE. Tech-bond strength is INSANE.”

Repaired Nylon 66 Stock.

Aaron Taves- “The front 2′ of my Remington stock broke completely off. It wasn’t just a crack, it was in two pieces. I didn’t think I would be able to fix it. Tried some stuff on amazon first and it seemed to work. Gave it a day and it fell right back apart as soon as I went to pick it up. Then I bought this with the debonder to get off the old junk, like they told me. Cleaned the old junk off and wiped it down. Let the debonder dry off and then stuck the two pieces together. Didn’t want to waste another day waiting, so I tried seeing if it was together after a short while and it was.”

Bob Thich-

“Like so many other reviewers, I have never had much luck with the many so-called super glues on the market. I guarantee it….this will get -er done. A part of my front bumper assembly, around 5 inches in length, became dislodged from the upper panel and was sticking out out like a sore thumb. After trying traditional Epoxy (which failed miserably) and some other adhesives, I tried tech-bond and wow. what a difference a good accelerator makes!

After taping off the surrounding areas of the affected section, I placed the glue in bead-like fashion on the lower part of the panel and then sprayed the upper section to which it would be affixed with the accelerator. I then held the two sections together for around a minute (just to be sure) and, voila, the magic was complete. I will never go back to traditional glues again. It dired clear and was hardly noticeable, unlike the Epoxy which dried to a dirty yellow.”

James Yoder-

“I was at the show at mt hope auction in February and overnight my portable generator got several large cracks in it. You recommended the tech-patches for it and I was able to fix it right there on the spot. It worked wonders. Very impressive. Still holding strong. Thank you.”

Teflon really is everywhere.

Eric Boulware-

“I didn’t even realize that what I was trying to repair was teflon. I was trying to fix my deck. I thought it was wood. Of course, it didn’t occur to me until MANY failed attempts to glue the ‘wood’ together, that I remembered putting waterproof sealant on it. I looked it up and it had teflon in it. I coated my whole deck in teflon! Luckily, the section I needed to fix was relatively small. I primed it first with the prep, followed the instructions and it finally worked. I probably shouldn’t have put so much sealant on, but it worked out in the end.”

Fred McQuery-

“Great stuff, where have you been all my life?”

George Lokey-

“This is a great product especially on china/pottery this is my second kit keep in the fridge will last a long time.”

Matthew Long-

“Very fast cure, very strong bond. Great stuff, I use it for all my bonding repairs. Mostly automotive repairs but I use it for all my household fixes too. Fastest/strongest bond I’ve ever used.”


“It worked! I used it on broken refrigerator door shelf! It worked great! Very easy!”

Glynn Shaw-

“This product is perfect for the professional. It’s fast and extremely strong! Dries clear. Save time with this adhesive. I’ve never had a problem with this product. It saves me a lot of time and I don’t worry about the seams in my door headers, other glues outline the seams in white or yellow!”

John May-

“I am electrician and I always try to keep a kit on hand. I never know what I am going to run in to and it works on everything.”

Anthony Rohrer-

“Once you glue two pieces together (I am a carpenter and use this for trimming purposes) they are not coming apart so you better be sure you put them where you want them. I have tried to pull them apart as hard as I can and haven’t been able to separate them. You also don’t need to apply a whole lot, I use probably a quarter of what I use of regular wood glue. Awesome stuff.”

Amazing Performance

Chris Wren-

“I bought the standard poly kit and used it to bond a high performance silicone vaccuum hose. I needed something that would be able to handle higher temperatures, stay flexible and be resistant to chemicals. This is the only product I have been able to find that actually works, let alone will stay flexible and not break apart when it gets hot or is exposed to coolant. Amazing performance. Definitely recommend.”

Allie Tapaya-

“I received the glue (system) and works GREAT!!!”

Henry Castleton-

“I was able to fill a 2mm crack in a granite countertop in seconds, you can hardly notice it, I’m very happy with this product.”

Yancy Blade-

“Outstanding stuff, works incredibly well on everything I’ve tried it on. I even used it on a broken sanding belt for my belt sander, can you believe, it worked. I keep looking for things to fix with this stuff.”

Rob Allen-

“Far better than super glue. When used in conjunction with the accelerator spray this bonder is a must have. It is so far beyond typical super glue. Unlike the other super glues, you can continue to use the bottle once it’s been opened. I have had mine for almost two years now. My kit arrived with a spare nozzle. You can stick the one not in use in acetone. The glue does not bond permanently to the plastic of the nozzles or the bottle. I definitely recommend getting the debonder too. Its good to have on hand for accidents. “

Saundra Clare-

“I’d like to order some more…this stuff is the bomb and has worked perfectly on my slippery silicone… can’t thank you enough!”

Eric Russell-

“I used this product to join parts of a polyurethane ceiling ring. It worked better than I had expected and can’t wait to find something else to use it on. I’ve tried a lot of different types of instant adhesives and have never found one that works so well. There are a couple of different ways this can be used and I tried both with success.”

Jill Scharfschutzen-

“I use this stuff for EVERYTHING. Superglue always sucked for me. But now I can bond almost anything. I even used the glue and accelerator to build up a two piece carbon fiber kayak paddle that had worn out and wouldn’t lock when I put it together.”

Wendy Olsen-

“Highly recommend. I use this for my jewelry business. Definitely holds.”

Top Notch Bonding

Pete Kircher-

“Not your average adhesive. Endless uses. Oil, water, gas doesn’t touch it. I have used both the tech-bond kits and patches to do all sorts of repairs……..including silicon. Excellent products. Does exactly what it says it will do. Top notch bonding and strength. Needs to be seen to be believed. Getting things back apart without destroying them is not possible. Overall I would rate your products a 10+. I will order again.”

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