Tech-Patches PERMANENTLY seals holes and cracks in all common pipe and tank substrates. Tech-Pathes have over a 99% success rate.

Tech-Patches are made from a flexible polymyer, fluorosilicone (FVMQ). FVMQ is one of the most chemical and weather resistant polymers made, making Tech-Patches very durable in almost all environments.

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G Series Tech-Patch

G Series patches are for the repair of poly tanks, HDPE pipe and all common non-poly pipe and tanks substrates (except stainless) that are NOT under pressure. G Series patches are recommended for the repair of lawn mower gas tanks, except where high octane gas is used. Push the button below to select your G Series Tech-Patch. You will need a Poly Kit to repair poly tanks and HDPE and polypropylene pipe. Use one of the Starter Kits for the repair of PVC, ABS, copper, steel and all other non-poly tanks and pipes.

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PTFE Tech-Patch

PTFE Tech-Patches have a Teflon strip bonded on to the patch. PTFE (Teflon) is impervious to all grade, types and high octane/cetane fuels. In addition to its excellent chemical and fuel resistance is also one of the most durable polymers made. Click on the button below to select your PTFE patch and the appropriate kit.

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XT Tech-Patches

Since XT Tech-Patches ahve a stress rating of 120 psi and are recommended for high stress environments. One side of XT Tech-Patches has been abraded and it is the abraded side that goes against the tank or pipe substrate. XT Tech-Patches work on both poly and non-poly surfacesl. Press the button below to order your XT Tech-Patch.

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