The Tech-Patch Repair Solutions (TPRS) system offers critical solutions for all industries whenever there are cracks or holes in containers, tanks and/or pipelines. TPRS products include: Tech-Patches and Pipeline Wraps.


Tech-Patches permanently seals holes and cracks in pipes, whether that pipe is PVC, copper, steel, ABS, galvanized, cast iron, even HDPE, the pipe of eh 21st century. Plus, Tech-Patches permanently seal holes and cracks in metal and poly tanks, barrels and all other containers. Tech-Patches are impervious or highly resistant to oil, gas, all hydrocarbons, water and most common chemicals. Tech-Patches come in one, two and three millimeter thicknesses.

Standard Tech-Patches

Standard Tech-Patches are recommended for consumer applications. Standard patches can be used on leaking gas tanks, copper pipes with pinhole leaks, cracked poly tanks, etc.

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Commercial Tech-Patches – Tech-Patch XT

The Tech-Patch XT is two millimeters thick and will handle any level of pressure within a municipal water system. Besides pipelines, tanks and containers, another effective use of commercial Tech-Patches will be to seal the cracks and holes in over-the -road semi-trailers. Tech-Patches will handle the stress of the road, weather and almost all other conditions. Commercial Tech-Patches provide repairs that meet the requirements for ISO 24817 and are a repair solution for Type B through wall defects

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XT3 Tech-Patch – the industrial grade Tech-Patches

The industrial grade XT3 Tech-Patch is three millimeters thick and has the recommended uses listed below.

  1. In the oil gas industry, wall thinning is a major problem. in the oil and gas industry. XT3 patches will add thickness and prevent further corrosion under the patch.
  2. Septic tank repair. Instead of replacing an entire tank, an XT3 Tech-Patch will permanently repair localized problems on a septic tank.

Customer Feedback
“We have applied the bonding agent and trimmed patch as outlined in your instructions and I can only say I’m amazed. It’s fantastic adhesion and the seal is perfect. We had two cracks to repair on a gasoline container integral to a large power unit. We were Able to complete the repair in situe saving considerable time and expense that would have involved us removing the unit and dismantling the power unit. Thank you for your kind assistance  I will recommend your products without hesitation.  We wait now for the next problem to solve.” 
Alan W., Melbourne, Australia

Our Performance Guarantee

Applying a patch, a permanent Tech-Patch, typically costs about twenty percent of installing replacement pipe. Plus, you have our unconditional money back guarantee for the life of the patch.

As with our Tech-Bond products, if you are not one hundred percent satisfied, at any time, with the performance of your Tech-Patch, we will send a complete refund.

Tech-Bond pipeline “How To” Video for repairing wall thinning, through wall defects and to repair holes and crack in main lines and drain lines:

Choose your Tech-Patch

  • Standard Tech-Patches are one millimeter thick and are recommended for consumer applications.
  • Tech-Patch XT patches are two millimeters thick and are recommended for consumer applications.
  • Tech-Patch MX patches are three millimeters thick and are recommended for industrial, heavy duty applications. The thicker the patch, the higher the psi rating.

The Tech-Patch Repair Solutions System includes: either Tech-Patches or Pipeline-Wraps, a glue squeegee, a sand paper square and the Tech-Bond Kit necessary to apply the patch/wraps. SI Black is the recommended adhesive for applying patches and wraps.

Tech-Patches are:

  • Flexible.  Our patches reinforce the thin walls of any container sealing that container while flexing when that container flexes.
  • Weather resistant.  The polymer used in the patches are virtually immune to the effects of weather and thermal cycling.
  • Chemical resistance.   These patches are impervious or highly resistant to hydrocarbons, water and most common chemicals.
  • Permanence.  Our patches, properly applied, are permanent.  To achieve this permanence, surface preparation of the container is critical.

Tech-Patch Reports

Standard Tech-Patches – for general use

Standard Tech-Patches are one millimeter thick and will handle most consumer applications. The pressure/stress rating of a standard Tech-Patch is 5-700 psi. Thicker patches have a higher psi rating.

Using the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™, Tech-Patches can be bonded to all pipe substrates; copper, galvanized, caste, PVC, HDPE and most grades of steel (except stainless or alloy steels), Further, Tech-Patches work on poly tanks and/or containers. Once patches are bonded onto the substrate, they will not come off.

Tech-Patches are made of fluorosilicone, the polymer of choice for high stress application in the automotive and aviation industries. Tech-Patches are flexible. Other specifications? Patches are impervious or highly resistant to oil, gas, all hydrocarbons, weather and most common chemicals.

With the World’s aging pipeline infrastructures, Tech-Patches can save millions of dollars and hours of labor in maintaining functionality within fluid collections and distribution systems.

Industrial Tech-Patches – Tech-Patch MX

Industrial Tech-Patches are three millimeters thick. The Tech-Patch MX is designed for heavy duty applications. Examples of when an MX Patch should be used include:

  1. To repair Type A defects of pipe and tank wall thinning in oil and gas storage tanks. MX patches deprive corrosion of needed air and moisture.
  2. Septic tank repair. In this case, costs are pennies on the dollar.
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