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Choose your desired kit below. After you make your selection of the type of kit, you will choose the size of the kit, the number of kits and the viscosity of the SI structural adhesive you need. SI Blue is our standard viscosity, suitable for most applications. When you need more control use SI Black. It’s thicker. For hairline cracks or wicking, choose SI Green.

Save 15% or more with any of our kit selections.

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Starter and Basic Kits:

Bonds all materials EXCEPT polymers, co-polymers and polyolefins (poly-plastics), stainless & alloy steels and glass. For bonding/repairing polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics, scroll down to our Poly Kits.

Starter Kits

Starter Kits bond and cross-bond wood, metal, rubber, leather, fiberglass, resins, composites, china, porcelain, ets.

Starter Kits
Starting at $12.95.

*does not bond/glue polymers or poly-plastics.
*provides your choice of an SI Structural Adhesive and our standard Activator/Accelerator.
*bonds everything except poly’s, glass, stainless and alloy steels.

Basic Kits

Basic Kits bond all common materials EXCEPT polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics.

Basic Kits
Starting at $26.95.

*does not bond/glue polymers or poly -plastics.
*Basic Kits add the Filler to your choice of an SI Structural Adhesive and Activator/Accelerator.
*the Filler fills holes and cracks. Once filled the hole can then be drilled and tapped.
*the Filler can be used to gap fill pot metal when there are small pieces missing and provided that the pot metal is not under significant stress.

The Poly Kits, Deluxe Kits and Professional Kits seen below will bond and cross-bond virtually all materials, including polymers, co-polymers and polyolefins (poly-plastics).

Poly Kits

Poly Kits bond all common substrates as well as polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics.

Poly Kits
Starting at $22.95.

*includes your choice of an SI Structural Adhesive, our standard Activator/ Accelerator and the Poly Prep.
*the Poly Prep is an adhesion promoter, a surface prep, for polymer and poly-plastics.
*Poly Kits bond polymers, co-polymers, poly-plastics (polyolefins) and almost all other substrates to themselves, other polymers and almost all other substrates.
*polymers include silicone rubber, Teflon®, Delrin®, polyethylene, polypropylene, UHMW, polyurethane, TPU, PLA, all plastic filaments, Mylar®, all other thermoplastics and thermosets to themselves to other polys and to all other substrates except glass, stainless and alloy steels.

Poly Kits:

Will bond all materials INCLUDING poly plastics and excluding glass and stainless steel.

Deluxe Kits
Starting at $32.95.

*includes your choice of an SI Structural Adhesive, our standard Activator/Accelerator, Poly Prep and the Filler.
*the Filler is a silica sand compound that can be used to fill crack and holes.
*the Filler does NOT adequately gap fill most polymers.

Professional Kits

Professional Kits include the Debonder, the best CA “undo” available. Our Debonder is almost a necessity for technicians and professionals.

Professional Kits
Starting at $66.95.

The Professional Kits have added the Debonder along with increased volumes of SI adhesive, Activator/ Accelerator, Poly Prep and Filler. The Debonder is an essential tool for all technicians and professionals. Professional Kits will bond all substrates including polymers. Will not bond glass, stainless and/or alloy steels.

Industry Kits

Prep Room Kits

Kits that will make challenging prep room tasks much easier.

Prep Room Kits
Starting at $75.00.

*offers larger volumes of the SI Structural Adhesive, *Activator/Accelerator, Poly Prep, Filler and adds the Debonder.
*the Debonder is the most efficient “undo” and CA cleaner available.

Taxidermy Kits

Taxidermy Kits save hours of work for the taxidermist.

Taxidermy Kits
Starting at $47.95.

Our Taxidermy Kits include both a deluxe and a professional kit. Deluxe Kits include SI Blue, SI Black and an Activator/Accelerator. Professional Kits include SI Blue, SI Black, Filler, Activator/Accelerator and a Debonder. Professional Kits are designed to meet the challenges of a Taxidermy Studio.

Specialty Kits

BP Blue Kits

BP Blue Kits bonds thermoset polymers to themselves.

BP Blue Kits
Starting at $22.95.

*bonds most thermoplastics to themselves.
*not recommended for thermosets like silicone rubber.
*as with our SI Structural Adhesives, BP Blue is more efficient when used with our Activator/Accelerator.

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