Bonding plastics.

[icon name=”drupal” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]Bond polymers, co-polymers, poly-pastics and plastics quickly, easily and permanently with the Bonding Poly Process™ (patent pending).  Our customers agree as indicated below. Fred McQueary – December 12, 2017 = “Great stuff, where have you been all my life.” There’s an off heard adage, “Nothing sticks to Teflon®”, that is no longer

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Bonding plastics with Tech-Bond products

Bonding Plastics With Molecular Technology

Tech-Bond and Bonding Plastics Discover why our structural adhesives are the ideal solution for bonding plastics. Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding system — the best method for bonding plastics available today. Polymers are plastics like nylon,Teflon and Delrin. So many products we commonly use are made of polymers. Usually, we don’t even take notice. Most technology devices —

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