Structural Cyanoacrylates (SCA’s)

You can order individual bottles the Structural Cyanoacrylate (SCA), or you can choose your preferred SCA with the kit of your choice.  Activator/Accelerators can improve a molecular bond.  You can also choose kits that include the Poly Prep, a Filler and/or a Debonder.  Ordering a kit will save you 15% over individual pricing..

Different viscosity’s change the handling characteristics, but not the performance, of our SCA’s.  Certain handling characteristics make completing your specific task easier. The generally available viscosity’s are given below.  Special order viscosities are available.:

SI Green
Description and handling characteristics:
An ultra-thin (0 – 5 cP) for fixing hairline cracks, i.e., it is our wicking grade Structukral Cyanoacrylate (SCA).  SI Green does not bead and is very runny.  Because of its runnyness, SI Green is difficult to control, but offers the best penetration of all SCA’s.  SI Greenrates strongest of all SCA’s on tensile and shear strength.

SI Blue
Description and handling characteristics:
SI Blue is what we describe as our “standard” viscosity (100 cP). SI Blue, as a thin medium SCA beads and runs are generally controlable.  SI Blue, because of its ease of use, is recommended for most repairs and tasks.

SI Brown
Description and handling characteristics:
SI Brown is an intermediate viscosity (600 cP).  As a medium SCA, SI Brown is the SCA of choice of many manufactures.

SI Black
Description and handling characteristics:
SI Black is our thickest (1500 cP) SCA and is recommended when more control is needed, such as working on a vertical surface.

SI Black also has the highest resistance (limited) to ambient moisture. during the application process.

On occasion, having the right viscosity makes things easier, at times much easier.  Having the wrong viscosidty, say SI Black when you need SI Green make completing your task … difficult.

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