SDS’s and TDA’s

Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s)
Technical Data Sheets (TDA’s)*

Note:  Our Technical Data Sheets (TDA’s) do not yet have performance data on poly-to-poly bonds.  As soon as this information is available, we will update our TDA’s.  Below is the latest feedback from a chief engineer at at major company.

What we have done:

  1. Successfully bonded other hard to adhere materials such as Delrin & rubber
  2. Successfully bonded nylon to nylon(our focus) using small 1X3” coupons, where all bonds achieved substrate failure

With poly-to-poly bonds, substrate failure is the norm for our patented Polymer Bonding Process.


SI Adhesives

SI Green                                  SI-Green-SDS.pdf             SI Green TDS.pdf           

SI Black                                   SI Black-SDS.pdf               SI Black TDS.pdf  

SI Blue                                    SI-Blue-SDS.pdf                 SI Blue TDS.pdf                                                         


SI GEL adhesives

Cranial GEL                                               Cranial-GEL.pdf              

SI GEL                                                        SI-Gel.pdf                                                                


Performance Tools


Standard Activator/Accelerator                                     Activator-Accelerator-AA.pdf                                             

Foam Safe Activator/Accelerator                                  Foam-safe-Activator.Accelerator.pdf

Aerosol Activator/Accelerator                         

Poly Prep                                                   Poly-Prep.pdf                                                                    

Filler                                                           Filler-1.pdf                  

Debonder                                                  Debonder.pdf                                                  


  • Tensile strength ratings are measured after the Activator/Accelerator (AA) has been sprayed on one surface and the AA has dried.

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