How To Repair PVC Pipe Over-Belling

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How To Repair Bell Splitting in PVC Pipe, Over-Belling PVC Pipe Repair

The second most common cause of PVC pipe cracks and breakdown; bell splitting or over belling.

Over belling is often caused as a result of an installation defect that leads to often catastrophic pipe failure. It occurs when the spigot is over inserted, causing direct contact with the PVC Bell. This process is very intricate and will fail when not done properly. Any contact between the bell and spigot, causes the bell to split. The area affected can be quite large and varies in size. Most bell/spigot joints occur on large diameter PVC pipes. Fortunately, Tech-Patches are available in custom sizes or bulk rolls, depending on your needs and/or frequency of use. Tech-Patches are the repair option for over-belling or bell splitting, as they provide a full seal and a custom fit for the different radiuses that occur along the pipe as a result of the over-stuffed spigot.

PVC Pipe Over-Belling

PVC Pipe Bell Splitting (Over-Belling) Repair Steps:

1) Rough the PVC around the PVC bell split with sandpaper.
2) Drill a hole at each end of the crack so that internal pressure will not cause the crack to expand.
3) Clean with any cleaner that will not leave a residue. Dry thoroughly.
4) Spray the Activator/Accelerator (AA) on the prepped area. Let the AA dry.
5) Apply the SI Black to the Tech-Patch with continuous circles EXCEPT on diagonal corners. Paying special attention to having the adhesive reach the edges.
6) Grab the diagonal corners, apply tension.
7) Press the Tech-Patch to the split over-belled area on the PVC.
8) Use the glue squeegee to apply firm pressure to the Tech-Patch from the center out.
9) Bond the diagonal edges to the PVC with the SI Black. Spray with AA.
10) Apply a bead of the SI Black to the perimeter of the Tech-Patch. Spray with AA.
11) Visually inspect.

Watch the video below to know how to apply your Tech-Patch. Repair a crack in PVC Pipe. Repair a fracture in PVC pipe. Repair bell-splitting in PVC pipe:

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