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XT Tech-Patch

XT Tech-Patches permanently seals  holes and cracks in all poly and non-poly tanks and pipe that are under pressure.  XT patches have a stress rating of 120 psi.  If your tank or pipe has a maximum psi of 40 or below, please use a G Series Tech-Patch.  If you have a damaged gas tank and ONLY use regular unleaded, please  use a G Series patc.  Click on the link below to be taken to G Series patches.

Purchase a G Series Tech-Patch

Note:  If repairing a gas or diesel tank, premium fuels are used, PTFE Tech-Patches are recommended.  Press the button below to be taken to the PTFE Tech-Patch page.

Purchase a PTFE Tech-Patch

Choose the correct Tech-Bond Kit for the type of gas tank that you need to fix.

For plastic gas (poly) tanks/containers

Poly Kits

Choose an Economy Poly (Coverage – approx: 30 sq in) Kit, a Poly (Coverage – approx: 100 sq in) Kit or a Poly Plus (Coverage – approx: 100 sq in) Kit for repairing plastic (poly) gas tanks or containers.  Our patented Polymer Bonding Process will allow you to repair these otherwise unrepairable items.

For metal gas tanks/containers

Starter Kit

Choose an Economy (Coverage – approx: 30 sq in), Starter (Coverage – approx: 100 sq in) or Starter Plus (Coverage – approx: 200 sq in) Kit.

Note:  For a bond to form between a PTFE Tech-Patch and any metal substrate, pipe or tank, the metal surface must be abraded to either a “polished surface” or, with steel, a “near white” surface.  Anything less in surface preparation will, over time result in bond failure.

Making your Tech-Patch “Plus”.

In situations when extra protection against abrasion is needed, apply several coatings of our SI adhesive to the outside of your Tech-Patch.  Examples of when you need to have a coating might include:

  • Where the Tech-Patch will be subjected to unusual stress.
  • If there is a strap holding the gas tank to the undercarriage.
  • If your repairing a larger hole, the coatings will resttict the expansion of the patch.

If you want to “Plus” your Tech-Patch, make sure you have enough of the SI adhesive.  Step-by-step instructions for plussing your patch are included.

Google Reviews

Both the Polymer Bonding Process and Tech-Patches are new technologies.  But our reviews confirm that both technologies are very effective.  Simply put, they always work.  Once your a customer, we would appreciate if you would leave a Google review.  Link below. Thank you.

Write a Google Review & thank you for being a customer.


Burst Test Engineering Report to verify our rating of 120 psi.

Burst Testing engineering report

Application Video

Tech-Patches have been around awhile

After five months of testing every flexible polymer available for resistance to gasoline and diesel, we did our first Tech-Patch video in May of 2017.  In that five months, we determined that fluorosilicone (FVMQ) was the only flexible polymer that met our standards.   Our patented Polymer Bonding Process (Process) will bond the FVMQ to both metal and plastic gas tanks.

We tested fluorosilicone as a patch for gas tanks.  Our testing included G Series patches on all tank and pipe substrates on the market.  FVMQ worked every time, repeat, every time.  To explain further, our testing shows that XT Tech-Patches will permanently bond to PVC, copper, ABS, schedule 40, schedule 80, galvanized, steel, caste iron, aluminum, PEX, polypropylene and HDPE tanks and pipes.  In fact, XT Tech-Patches will bond to any pipe or tank substrate except glass, alloy and stainless steels.  Once bonded on, as is the case with all bonds connecting two surfaces, Tech-Patches are permanent.



XT Tech Patch
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XT Tech-Patch
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