Tech Patch XT- For the repair of all pipe and tank substrates, except stainless.


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Commercial Grade, rated at 120 psi.

XT Tech-Patches are two millimeters thick and permanently seals  holes and cracks in pipelines, containers, and/or tanks.  XT Tech-Patches will work on all pipe and tank substrates except glass, stainless and/or alloy steels.  XT Tech-Patches are glossy on one side with the other side having a matte finish.  The matte side is placed against the tank or pipe substrate.  Surface preparation in this matter substantially increases the stress rating of XT Tech-Patches, rated at 120 psi.  Greater psi is achieved by increasing the force when using the glue squeegee.  All XT Tech-Patch Kits come with a patch, a glue squeegee, a piece of sand paper and step by step instructions.

As important as the stress rating is the durability of the bond.  Because of the chemistry of our patented Polymer Bonding Process (Process), Tech-Patches are bonded onto the pipe or tank substrate.  These bonds are multi-electron covalent bonds.  Polymer based covalent bonds created by the Process have proven their durability.  There has not been a reported bond failure since the creation of the Process in 2016.  The tightly packed molecular structure of polymers suggest that these bonds will be exceptionally durable.

Note:  If repairing a gas/fuel/oil tank, G Series Tech-Patches are recommended.  G-Series Tech-Patches are glossy on both sides providing protection against the gas/fuel/oil on one side and the elements on the other side.  If you must use an XT Tech-Patch to repair a gas tank, place the glossy side against the damaged tank.  Choose your XT Tech-Patch and the appropriate Tech-Bond Kit below.

Starter Kit

Choose an Economy, Starter or Starter Plus Kit for copper, PVC, galvanized, ABS, cast iron and other non-poly pipe/tank substrates. 

Poly Kit

Choose an Economy Poly Kit, a Poly Kit or a Poly Plus Kit for HDPE, PEX and PE pipes.  Also choose one of the Poly kits for poly tanks and containers.  Our patented Polymer Bonding Process will allow you to repair those otherwise unrepairable items.  You will have to provide your own heat source.  All Tech-Bond Kits include step-by-step instructions.

Burst Test Engineering Report

Burst Testing engineering report

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Tech Patch XT- For the repair of all pipe and tank substrates, except stainless.

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Kit Needed

No Kit Needed, Economy Kit, Starter Kit, Starter Plus Kit, Economy Poly Kit, Poly Kit, Poly Plus Kit

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