Starter Kits


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Starter Kits

Note:  Starter Kits will not repair/bond polymers, co-polymers or polyolefins (poly-plastics).  Starter kits will repair/bond most modeling and toy plastics.

Starter Kits contain a Surface Insensitive (SI) Structural Cyanoacrylate (SCA) and our standard Activator/Accelerator (AA).  These tools will bond all substrates except polys, glass and stainless.  Bonds are stronger and more durable than glue joins.

With your Starter Kit, choose the size of the SI SCA, the volume of AA and the viscosity.  Viscosity refers to the thickness of the the SCA.  Having the right viscosity can make your repair/bond. much easier.  Our viscosities include:

  • SI Blue – our standard viscosity.  Thicker than most store bought super glues.   Suitable for most applications and/or repairs.
  • SI Black – the thicker viscosity for more control.  Preferred by most of our business clients.
  • SI Green – ultra thin.  Recommended for the repair of hairline cracks.

Refrigerate between uses for storage.

Kit options include:

Economy Kit

  • 8-gram bottle of an SI adhesive
  • 1/2-oz bottle of Activator/Accelerator (AA)
  • General instructions.

Starter Kit

  • either a 20-gm bottle of an SI adhesive (SI Blue) or a 1 ounce bottle (SI Black or SI Green) of a SI adhesive.
  • one 1-oz bottle of Activator/Accelerator (AA)
  • spare cap and nozzle
  • General instructions.

Starter Plus Kit

  • one 2-oz bottle of an SI adhesive
  • one 2-oz bottle of Activator/Accelerator (AA)
  • spare cap and nozzle
  • General instructions

Choose your kit, the number of kits and the viscosity below.

Starter Kits

Additional information

Starter Kit

Economy Kit, Starter Kit, Starter Plus Kit

Viscosity (Thickness)

SI Blue – our standard viscosity for everyday use, SI Black – a thicker viscosity for more control, SI Green – the wicking grade viscosity


One, 5-pack, 10-pack

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