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Tech-Bond’s Surface Insensitive (SI) Structural Adhesives are stronger and more durable than over-the-counter super glues.  Our adhesives bond wood, metal, ceramics, leather, vinyl, plastics, rubber, carbon fiber, resins, pot metal, etc.  Using our patented Bonding Polymer Process, our SI adhesives will permanently bond polymers, co-polymers and polyolefins (poly-plastics) to themselves, to other polys and to almost any other substrate.

SI Blue at 100 centepoise is our standard viscosity adhesive.  Thicker than over-the-counter superglues, the SI Blue is easier to use because it is not as runny.  SI Black at 1500 centepoise is a thicker viscosity providing more control when that control is needed.  SI Green is an ultra-thin SCA best suited wicking into hairline cracks,  SI Green will produce slightly stronger bonds.  All of our SI structural adhesives, SI Blue, SI Black and SI Green, that come in 20 gram, 1 ounce and 2 ounce bottles are guaranteed to have a shelf life of two years.  We highly recommending storing our SI adhesives in a refrigerator before using and between uses.

Better results are the norm when our SI adhesives are uses with our catalyst, the Activator/Accelerator.

Some of our competitors are learning from us.  Their websites now state that a best result will be attained with the use of an Activator/Accelerator (AA).  Two caceats.  There are at least three different types of Activator/Accelerator.  There is one type of AA, alcohol based, that will actually weaken the bond strength.  Secondly, you need to know how to properly use the AA.  Our step-by-step instructions sheets detail proper application techniques.

Starter Kits

All of our Starter Kits have an SI adhesive and an Activator/Accelerator.  Click on the link below to purchase a Starter Kit.

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SI Structural Adhesives

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