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Prep Room Kits – The embalmers first choice.

The Complete Prep Room Kit includes:
1 – 2-oz bottle of SI Blue for eyes and lips
1 – 2 oz bottle of SI Black to seal incisions
1 – 20 gram tube of Cranial GEL
1– 2 oz bottle of Activator/Accelerator for performance
1 – 1 oz bottle of Debonder
3 – spare caps and nozzles
Prep Room Instructions

The Cranial GEL Kit includes:
5 – 20-gm tubes of Cranial GEL
1 – 2-oz bottle of Activator/Accelerator
1 – 1 oz bottle of Debonder
1 – Glue Squeegee
Prep Room Instructions

For those clients who do a large volume of cases per year, please call 877 565 7225, give us your requirement and we will customize a kit for you.


Prep Room Kits

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Prep Room Kits

Completer Prep Room Kit, Cranial GEL Kit

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