PTFE Plus Tech-Patch for repairing gas tanks.


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PTFE Plus Tech-Patches for the repair of metal or plastic gas tanks.

Our gas tank repair PTFE Patch have a Teflon (PTFE) strip bonded onto one side.  These patches have excellent resistance to gasoline and diesel fuels because they are bonded onto the gas tank.  Holes and cracks in both plastic and metal gas tanks will be permanently sealed with the patch.

Choose the correct Tech-Bond Kit for the type of gas tank that you need to fix.

For metal gas tanks/containers

Choose an Economy, Starter or Starter Plus Kit.

For plastic gas (poly) tanks/containers

Choose an Economy Poly Kit, a Poly Kit or a Poly Plus kit for repairing plastic (poly) gas tanks or containers.  Our patented Polymer Bonding Process will allow you to repair these otherwise unrepairable items.

Choose your PTFE Plus Tech-Patch

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Working with polyurethane, we developed the Polymer Bonding Process (Process) for bonding polymers in November of 2016.  Recognition of the value in being able to bond polymers was immediate.  So was the skepticism.  Would the bond last?  What polymers does the Process work on?  Does the Process work to bond polymers to other materials?

In the years since, we answered every question in the affirmative.  With the Process you can bond any polymer to itself, to any other polymer and to almost any other substrate.  As important fact is that bonds created by the Process are permanent.   Everyone who has tried has had success in bonding polymers or fixing their broken plastic piece.  Everyone!  That is why we have not refunded a dime under our money back guarantee.

Tech-Patches have worked just as well, though there was, for a short time, an issue when we first encountered high octane gasolines.  Additives like benzene, xylene, etc., that increase the octane rating of gas are quite corrosive.  They quickly ate through the patch polymer, fluorosilicone, even though fluorosilicone is one of the most chemical and fuel resistant polymers made.  There is, however, a polymer that has greater chemical resistance, PTFE, otherwise known as Teflon.

PTFE has excellent resistance to benzene, xylene, etc.  We developed a process that bonded PTFE infused fiberglass tape to the fluorosilicone.  Plus, the Process does a superb job of bonding the PTFE to HDPE gas tanks.  Our chemistry also bonds the PTFE to metal gas tanks.

Polymer to polymer bonds are the best bonds available.  These bonds are not going to fail.  Teflon video below.

Bonding PTFE
PTFE Plus Tech-Patch for repairing gas tanks.
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PTFE Plus Tech-Patch
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Economy Kit, Starter Kit, Starter Plus Kit, Economy Poly Kit, Poly Kit, Poly Plus Kit

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