Enhanced cap & nozzle


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The cap and nozzle provided for the 20 gm, 1 and 2 ounce bottles have the best delivery system available.  There’s a needle that fills the hole in the nozzle which creates a plug and the cap creates the seal.  The bonding agent is ready for use as soon as the cap is removed. Our pincap and nozzle delivery system significantly extends the shelf life of our adhesives.

Once your repair is complete aggressively wipe off the nozzle before replacing the cap.  If there’s excess dried bonding agent, use pliers to twist off the excess adhesive starting at the bottom of the nozzle. Do not over tighten the cap when you replace it.  If this occurs, remove the cap with two pairs of pliers, twisting each in opposite directions. The cap and nozzle are made from a material preventing our adhesives from bonding to the cap and nozzle.

Enhanced cap & nozzle
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