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Basic Kits – Basic Kits do NOT bond polymers, such as nylon, silicone rubber, poly-carbonate, etd., co-polymers or poly-plastics.  If you need to bond a polymer, please choose a Poly Kit.

Basic Kits add the Filler to the SI adhesive and an Activator/Accelerator (AA) of Starter Kits.  Basic Kits will NOT bond poly-plastics, co-polymers and/or polymers.  For those substrates you need a Poly Kit or above.

The Basic Kit includes:

  • Either a 20-gm or a 1 ounce bottle of an SI Adhesive
  • 1 1-oz bottle of Activator/Accelerator
  • 1 35-gm bottle of Filler
  • 1 Spare cap and nozzle
  • General instructions.

The Basic Plus Kit includes:

  • 1 2-oz bottle of SI Structural Adhesive
  • 1 2-oz bottle of Activator/Accelerator
  • 1 70-gm bottle of Filler
  • 1 Spare cap and nozzle
  • General Instructions.

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Basic Kits

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KIt Size

Basic Kit, Basic Plus kit

Viscosity (thickness of adhesive)

SI Black – thicker for more control, SI Blue – our standard viscosity, SI Green – ultra-thin

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