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Having the right accessory will make your repair easier and can, in many cases, improve the quality of your bond.


Glue Squeegee

Glue squeegees have two functions, as follows;

  1. to spread your SI adhesive over the area to be bonded.
    We do not. however, recommend spreading your SI adhesive.  For two reasons:

    1. Your work time will be minimized.
    2. Spreading the adhesive on a hard surface will usually produce noxious fumes.
  2. Perhaps more importantly, to apply pressure to new bonds.
    When creating a bond, applying pressure to the recently joined area during the first few seconds is critical.  Often a glue squeegee is the best tool to apply that pressure.

Pin cap and nozzles

The most common complaint with our SI adhesives is not shelf life, but the residue that builds on the nozzle.  One of the reasons that our shelf life is excellent is the pin in the cap.  That pin fills the hole of the nozzle when pressed on.  That prevents air from getting to our SI adhesive.
What frustrates a user, the build up of adhesive on the the nozzle can be easily avoided.  Simply wipe off the nozzle before pressing on the cap.  However, if you are a technician or a frequent user, having a supply of cap and nozzles can save time.  To recycle used caps and nozzles, submerse them in acetone for twelve hours or so.

Poly Prep brush cap.

Our Poly Prep usually does not damage surface areas.  Yet, there are still times when brush application is useful.  Note: the Poly Prep evaporates extremely quickly, so always check to make sure the cap is tight.

Activator/Accelerator brush cap.

Our Activator/Accelerator (AA) does damage fine surfaces and, since we always recommend the use of the AA, a brush applicator can be useful.

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Adhesive Accessories

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Glue Squeegee, Pin cap & nozzle, Poly Prep brush cap, Activator/Accelerator brush cap

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