Tech Bond Kits

Tech-Bond Kits provide the adhesive and the performance tools needed to bond, not glue, your repairs and/or substrates.  Bonds are stronger and more durable than glue joins.  All in One Kits Include:

Starter Kits

Starter Kits have a Surface Insensitive (SI) adhesive and a standard Activator/Accelerator (AA).  Starter Kits will bond everything, in any combination, except polymers, glass, stainless and alloy steels.
Purchase a Starter Kit, Adhesive and AA

Basic Kit

Basic Kits add our Filler to the SI Adhesive and Activator/Accelerator.  Basic Kits will bond everything except polymers, glass, stainless and alloy steels.  The Filler can be used to fill holes and cracks in a repair, or can fill a stripped out screw hole which can then be re-tapped.  In addition, the Filler can add surface area to the repair which usually adds strength.
Purchase a Basic Kit – adds the Filler performance tool.

Poly Kits

Poly Kits add Tech-Bond’s Poly Prep, which is an adhesion promoter for polymers, co-polymers and polyolefins.  In addition to all the previously mentioned substrates (with the same exceptions), Poly Kits bond polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics (polyolefins).  Substrates can be bonded in any combination.
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Deluxe Kits

Deluxe Kits combine an SI adhesive, the Activator/Accelerator, Poly Prep and Filler.  All information provided above applies.
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Professional Kit

Professional Kits add the Debonder to larger quantities of an SI adhesive, AA, Poly Prep and Filler.  Any technician working with CA adhesives should have the Debonder, the most effective “undo” available.
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Industry Kits

For those industries that have unique requirements for an adhesive system, Tech-Bond designs kits to fit the needs of technicians in that industry.  We learn the needs of industry professionals, match them to the performance capabilities of our bonding system and develop instructions sheets matching needs and capabilities.  Right now we only have two sets of Industry Kits.  One for the Taxidermy Industry and one for the Funeral Home Industry.   

Specialty Kits

Certain materials require specialty adhesives.  Ordinary CA’s melt open cell foams.  Hence, our Foam Safe Kits.  Our BP Blue Kits bond long string polymers, usually just to themselves, and do not require an adhesion promoter.  Some manufacturers have had excellent success with BP Blue.
Purchase BP Blue Kits – works with most polymers.

Standard cyanoacrylates (or superglues) melt open cell foams, such as ordinary styrofoam.  Foam Safe cyanoacrylates will not melt these substrates.  Likewise, standard Activator/Accelerators melt open cell foams.  To effectively bond open cell foams, a Foam Safe Adhesive and a Foam Safe Activator is required.   Foam Safe Kits include a Foam Safe Adhesive and a Foam Safe Activator.
urchase a Foam Safe Kit – for open cell foams, low odor.

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