Specialty Kits bring the power of chemistry to allow you to bond those hard to glue items, such as; open-cell foams, some polymers and stainless steel.

Specialty Kits

Certain materials require specialty adhesives.  Ordinary CA’s melt open cell foams.  Hence, our Foam Safe Kits.  Our BP Blue Kits bonds most polymers.  Manufacturers often prefer BP Blue because it’s just a one step process.  Links are below.

Purchase a Foam Safe Kit – for open cell foams, low odor.

Foam Safe Kit
Foam Safe Kits have a Foam Safe Adhesive and a Foam Safe Activator/Accelerator

Purchase BP Blue Kits – works with most polymers.

BP Blue - specialty adhesive for polymers
BP Blue, the one-step solution for polymers and poly-plastics.

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