Poly Kits will bond virtually EVERYTHING including polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics (polyolefins).

Poly bonding kits

These kits bond polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics quickly, easily and permanently We know that current wisdom is that nothing glues poly’s.  Well, current wisdom is wrong.  In addition these kits will also bond all the standard repairs and substrates; metal, wood, rubber, fiberglass, etc.  Kits for bonding poly’s include; Basic Poly Kits, Deluxe Poly Kits, Professional Poly Kits and the Mega Kit.  In addition a link to purchase a BP Blue Kit appears below.  Links to purchase any of these poly-bonding kits are below.

Buy Basic Poly Kit – most economical do everything kit

Basic Poly Kit
Our least expensive do everything kit.

Buy a Deluxe Poly Kit – adds the Filler performance tool.

Deluxe Poly -Filler, Activator/Accelerator, SI Blue, Poly Prep
Deluxe Poly Kit – Activator/Accelerator, SI Blue, Poly Prep and Filler.

Buy a Professional Poly Kit – adds the Debonder/Cleaner

Professional Poly Kit
Professional Poly Kit – 2 oz SCA, 2 oz AA. 80 ml PP, Filler, Debonder

Purchase BP Blue Kits – works with most polymers.

BP Blue - specialty adhesive for polymers
BP Blue, the one-step solution for polymers and poly-plastics.

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