Tech-Bond Kits add the power of  chemistry to adhesive technology when repairing wood, metal, fiberglass, leather, vinyl, laminates, carbon fiber, acrylics, resin (toy, modeling) plastics, china porcelain, etc. All repairs will be completed quickly and easily. Most importantly, they will be permanent.

Starter and Basic kits do not have the Poly Prep.  However, with the SI Structural Cyanoacrylate (SCA) and the Activator/Accelerator (AA) that come with each kit, you can bond virtually anything and everything else, including; wood, metal, rubber, china, leather, carbon fiber, resin (toy, modeling) plastics, acrylics, resins, etc.  You can bond the materials to themselves or to virtually any other material.  Links to purchase a basic or starter kit appears below.  

Starter Kit

Standard Starter Kit

Our base Starter Kit has a 20 gram bottle of a Structural Cyanoacrylate (SCA) and our standard Activator/Accelerator.

Purchase a Starter Kit

Basic Kit

The Basic kit adds the Filler performance tools to the SCA of your choice and the Activator/Accelerator.

The Filler performance tool
The Filler allows you to fill cracks and holes, including the stropped our screw holes which can immediately be drilled and tapped.

Purchase a Basic Kit – adds the Filler performance tool.


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