All in One Kits provide the tools needed to bond, not glue.  When making a repair, bonds give you the best possible result .   A breakdown of our kits appears below.

Poly bonding kits

These kits bond polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics quickly, easily and permanently.  We know that current wisdom is that nothing glues poly’s.  Well, current wisdom is wrong.  Kits for bonding poly’s include; Basic Poly Kits, Deluxe Poly Kits, Professional Poly Kits and the Mega Kit.

Non-poly kits

Starter and Basic kits do not have the Poly Prep.  However, with the SI Structural Cyanoacrylate (SCA) and the Activator/Accelerator (AA) you can bond virtually anything and everything else, including; resin plastics, wood, metal, rubber, china, leather, carbon fiber, acrylics, etc.

Specialty Kits

Certain materials require specialty adhesives.  Ordinary CA’s melt open cell foams.  Hence, our foam safe kits.  Our BP Blue Kits bonds certain polymers.  Manufacturers prefer BP Blue because it bonds polymers in a one step process.

A request.

Since November we’ve been trying to tell the world that we can bond polymers.  It’s been a slow process.  Success has come one person at a time.  When the kit does what you want it to do and does it more efficiently, please come back and make a comment.  Thank you.

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