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Purchases made at our online store will allow you to bond, not glue, but bond your repair/project.  Bonds are far more durable than glue joins. Whether you have a pipe or tank with a hole or crack, need to repair a broken item, need to bond a polymer to itself, to another polymer or to almost any other substrated, or, finally, to bond or repair any common substrate, you have found the most effective repair system on the planet.

On this page, we start with our Tech-Patches. Our recommendations for what type of Tech-Patch is best for you and your particular situation are given below.

  • PTFE Tech-Patches for the permanent repair of plastic and metal gas tanks regardless of the type and octane or cetane level of the fuels contained. Further, PTFE Tech-Patches will permanently repair tanks and pipes used in high presure situations.
    • G Series patches will permanently seal holes and cracks on all common tank and pipe substrates, including: PVC, copper, HDPE, poly tanks, steel (except stainless), ABS, aluminum, PEX, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.
  • XT Tech-Patches will permanently repair pipes and tanks under pressure, up to 120 psi.

If you need a Tech-Bond product, a Kit, an adhesive or one of our performance tools, an Activator/Accelerator (AA), the Poly Prep, a Filler or the Debonder/Cleaner, scroll down a little further. Please call 877 565 7225 with any questionos.


The quick, easy and permanent solution for the permanent repair of holes and cracks in almost all pipe and tank substrates.

PTFE Tech-Patch

PTFE patch

PTFE Tech-Patches have a Teflon strip bonded on to the patch. PTFE (Teflon) is impervious to all grades and types of fuels. Click on the button below to select your PTFE patch and the appropriate kit.

Purchase a PTFE Tech-Patch

G Series Tech-Patch

G Series patches are for the repair of poly tanks, HDPE pipe and all non-poly pipe and tanks substrates except stainless that are not under pressure. G Series patches are also recommended for the repair of lawn mower gas tanks, except when high octane gas is used. Push the button below to select your G Series Tech-Patch. You will need a Poly Kit to repair poly tanks and HDPE Pipe. Use one of the Starter Kits for the repair of PVC, ABS, copper, PEX and all non-poly tanks and pipes.
Purchase a G Series Tech-Patch

Choose your Kit

Save 15% or more by choosing a kit over individual selections

Poly, Deluxe and Professional Kits bonds everthing INCLUDING polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics. Starter and Basic Kits do not bond polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics.

XT Tech-Patches

Leak Stop Central

XT Tech-Patches ahve a stress rating of 120 psi so they are recommended for high stress environments.

Purchase an XT Tech-Patch

Poly Kits – Our top seller.

Poly Kits
Starting at $22.95.

All of our Poly Kits include a SI adhesive, Activator/Accelerator and the Poly Prep which is an adhesion promoter for polymers. Poly Kits bond polymers, co-polymers, poly-plastics (polyolefins) and almost all other substrates to themselves, other polymers and almost all other substrates. Polymers include silicone rubber, Teflon®, Delrin®, polyethylene, polypropylene, UHMW, polyurethane, TPU, PLA, all plastic filaments, Mylar®. Will not bond glass, stainless and alloy steels.

Starter Kits
Starting at $12.95.
Will not bond/
repair polymers
and poly-plastics.

Starter Kits contain an SI adhesive and a standard Activator/Accelerator. With your Starter Kit, choose the size of the SI SCA, the volume of AA and the viscosity. SI Blue – our standard viscosity.  Thicker than store bought super glues.   Suitable for most applications and/or repairs. SI Black – the thicker viscosity for more control.  Preferred by most of our business clients. SI Green – ultra thin.  Recommended for the repair of hairline cracks.

Basic Kits
Starting at $26.95.
Does not bond/ repair polymers and poly-plastics.

Basic Kits add the Filler to the SI adhesive and Activator/Accelerator. The Filler fills holes and cracks and can add surface area to a repair. That increased surface area may add strength. You can also use the Filler to fill stripped out screw holes. Once filled the hole can then be drilled and tapped.
Will bond all substrates except polymers, glass, stainless and alloy steel. The Filler can be used to gap fill pot metal when there are small pieces missing, provided that the pot metal is not under significant stress.

Deluxe Kits
Starting at $32.95.

Deluxe Kits include an SI adhesive, Activator/Accelerator, Poly Prep and the Filler. Will bond all substrates except glass, stainless and alloy steel. Will bond/cross-bond almost all substrates to themselves and to other surfaces.

Professional Kits
Starting at $66.95.

The Professional Kits have added the Debonder along with increased volumes of SI adhesive, Activator/ Accelerator, Poly Prep and Filler. The Debonder is an essential tool for all technicians and professionals. Professional Kits will bond all substrates including polymers. Will not bond glass, stainless and/or alloy steels.

Industry Kits:

Currently, we have industry kits specific to the Funeral Home and Taxidermy industries. If your industry has specific needs for an adhesive system to solve the needs of technicians, we will work with you to develop an appropriate kit.

Prep Room Kits
Starting at $75.00.

Our Funeral Home Kits include SI Blue, SI Black, Cranial Gel, Activator/Accelerator and a Debonder. Designed to meet all the challenges found in a Prep Room.

Taxidermy Kits
Starting at $47.95.

Our Taxidermy Kits include both a deluxe and a professional kit. Deluxe Kits include SI Blue, SI Black and an Activator/Accelerator. Professional Kits include SI Blue, SI Black, Filler, Activator/Accelerator and a Debonder. Professional Kits are designed to meet the challenges of a Taxidermy Studio.

Individual Items: Save 15% or more with our large volume bottles or one of our 5 or 10 pack selections.

SI Adhesives – SI Blue, SI Black, SI Green

Surface Insensitive (SI) Structural Adhesive

Surface Insensitive SCA Molecular Bonding Agent-
Starting at $8.45.

SI adhesives are designed to work with different substrates in any combination. SI adhesives do not permanently bond glass, stainless or alloy steels.

SI/Cranial GEL’s
Starting at $15.95.

Gel’s are thixotropic adhesives which offer maximum gap filling.

Performance Tools:

Activator/AcceleratorsStarting at $8.45.

Our standard Activator/Accelerators are key in generating the chemical reaction necessary to form the bonds which are the hallmark of the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™. Foam Safe and Aerosol Activator/Accelerators are also available.

Poly Prep
Starting at $8.95.

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Starting at $6.00.

Our Tech-Bond Filler is a silica sand compound that fills cracks and holes in substrates. Filled holes may be drilled and tapped. In addition, the Filler adds surface area which can increase bond strength.

Starting at $9.95.

Our Debonder is the best “undo” and cyanoacrylate (superglue) remover or cleaner available.

Starting at $1.25.

Our accessories are helpful tools and include spare caps and nozzles, glue squeegees, yorker caps, brush caps, sand paper, etc. Accessories allow you to maximize the strength and durability of your bond or repair.

Questions? Call 877 565 7225.

Questions,? Please call 877 565 7225

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