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The Tech-Patch Repair Solutions System (TPRS)

Permanently seal holes and cracks in copper, PVC, steel, ABS, HDPE, caste iron and aluminum pipes with a Tech-Patch. Plus, you can also repair holes or cracks in metal or poly tanks/containers.

Applying a Tech-Patch video.

Our latest endorsement letter.

“We have applied the bonding agent and trimmed patch as outlined in your instructions and I can only say I’m amazed. It’s fantastic adhesion and the seal is perfect. We had two cracks to repair on a gasoline container integral to a large power unit. We were Able to complete the repair in situe saving considerable time and expense that would have involved us removing the unit and dismantling the power unit. Thank you for your kind assistance  I will recommend your products without hesitation.  We wait now for the next problem to solve.” 
Alan W. from Melbourne Australia:

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XT Tech-Patches

XT Tech-Patches have a pressure rating of 120 psi. Recommended for household and most commercial properties, Tech-Patches will seal holes and cracks in pipes, tank and containers. Tech-Patches will work on all pipe and tank substrates except glass, stainless and alloy steels.

XT1 Tech-Patches – Standard ( One mm thick)

Standard XT-1 Tech-Patches are one millimeter thick, come in Black or Brick and are recommended for consumer use. Tech-Patches are impervious or highly resistant to gas, oil, all hydrocarbons, water, weather and most common chemicals. Tech-Patches are an indispensable resource for pipeline, container and tank repair.

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XT2 Tech-Patches – commercial grade (Two mm thick)

In addition to household and commercial property usage, XT Tech-Patches can be used on:

1) Repair leaking pipes in a house of commercial building,
2) Main line, drain line repair.
3) Tank or container repair.

Press the button below to order a commercial grade XT2 Tech-Patch and the accompanying kit.

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XT3 Tech-Patch – the industrial grade Tech-Patches

The industrial grade XT3 Tech-Patch is three millimeters thick and has the recommended uses listed below.

  1. In the oil gas industry, wall thinning is a major problem. in the oil and gas industry. XT3 patches will add thickness and prevent further corrosion under the patch.
  2. Septic tank repair. Instead of replacing an entire tank, an XT3 Tech-Patch will permanently repair localized problems on a septic tank.

Information for MX Tech-Patches, which will have a much higher psi rating, will be submitted soon.

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