Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the country with an adhesive system that will bond virtually everything, including polymers. Being able to bond polymers expands the utility of polymers, the building blocks of modern society, into areas not previously available. Our patented Polymer Bonding Process gives individuals and companies the opportunity to develop new, consumer beneficial solutions.

With three years of dedicated research, we have developed new solutions of our own. Tech-Patches are the first of these game changing technologies. Pipeline-Wraps is the next breakthrough in the pipeline (sic) with two more breakthroughs currently in the research stage.

Through the Solutions Foundation, we will support the efforts of entrepreneurs and organizations pursuing polymer innovations worldwide. If an inventor/entrepreneur had a good idea, we will give them a grant to help them get through the early stages of development. We have already helped many individuals find the right adhesive for their product.

Many of these men and women are working on useful products, but their products might not be mainstream. In today’s world, if an investor can’t see millions, they are not interested. The Solutions Foundation will help bring these niche products to market while also helping the entrepreneurs.

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