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How it all started?

From Information Technology to Molecular Bonding


In 1999 Don Myers began exploring a new direction. His work as a General Manager at an IT placement firm was slowing down.
However, this wasn't his first experience with a declining industry. He had experienced this before when working in the annuity sector of the financial services industry. He recognized the trend immediately. This was unmistakable and inevitable.
So Don Myers started a new venture. He began selling glue.
He wasn't impressed with his personal success with using traditional glues. He began exploring how to best utilize a different glue — a structural adhesive — to improve bonding.
Through persistence and consistent exploration, Don discovered a variety of situations in which this different glue is the perfect solution.

New industries, new needs, new technologies

In addition to selling directly to individuals, Don has also been providing structural adhesives to businesses and industries across America. Tech-Bond has been a favorite of manufacturing, taxidermy, woodworking, funeral homes, mobile bumper cover repair companies, engineering, radio control and so many more.
For each new industry and customer, Don has developed new techniques for using these adhesives specifically for their needs. For example, he soon discovered that this technology worked great for the taxidermy industry. Molecular bonding was best for repairing tears and holes on dry and wet tans.
Soon, Bigfoot, the monster truck, was repairing their sliced tires with Tech-Bond's SI Black structural adhesive. Seems like molecular bonding adhesives simply provided an overall higher quality, and more reliable alternative to calvarium clamps.
Next, he developed recommendations for using molecular bonding adhesives to repair sliced tractor and ATV tires.
Finally — well not really finally, since he continues to explore — he looked to the automotive industry. Because of the many materials that can rip, break or crack, there are a variety of situations requiring high quality repairs. Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding system is the best solution for creating long lasting, superior strength bonds across a wide range of materials.
Don next developed ways to repair broken farrings for the motorcycle industry. He continues to explore and experiment to develop the most efficient and effective process for repairing just about anything.

Depending on what you’re repairing, you’ll want to know the best method to use.

The Tech-Bond Team is committed to providing you with the highest quality products, as well as great customer care. What do we mean by great customer care? We want to ensure you have the best experience using our adhesive products. To that end, we have created our new “1, 2, Fixed!” video series to provide you with everything you need to know for each of your repair situations.
If you don’t see your specific repair covered, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to respond to your repair need.
We are constantly exploring the bonding technology in the adhesive industry. Feel free to send us your challenge. We won't always succeed, but, when we don't, we'll explain the reason why and point you in the right direction.

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Founder & CEO
Sherry Mulne
Director of Marketing
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UX/Web Developer
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“ I began TechBond over twenty years ago with the goal of providing new adhesive solutions. My company provides amazing products improving and simplifying repairs across all industries. I'm proud to provide guaranteed quality products and service.”

Don Meyers

``My goal is to ensure that every customer locates the info or product they desire with ease and leave feeling completely satisfied with their experience at the TechBond site. ``

Matt Amersdorfer

“ I've always been passionate about writing. I'm pleased to put my passion and talent to work for TechBond. Communication is key and quality content is vital.”

Andrea Amersdorfer

``I began my journey in marketing over twenty years ago. Advertising and promotions are necessary for success. I'm proud to provide my creativity to TechBond.``

Sherry Mulne