How long will Tech-Patches last?

Durability of Tech-Patches (patented)

No one wants to spend money for a temporary fix to a permanent problem.  .

Tech-Patch on PVC pipe

This picture shows a Tech-Patch on a metal can.  In April of 2018, we drilled a hole in the tank and shot a video of covering the emptiness with a Tech-Patch.  After the 5-gallon pail was filled with gasoline and we took the metal container to trade shows.  At every show, a number of individuals tried to pull the patch off.  As you can see,  the Tech-Patch tore, it did not peel.  The bond did not break.

A link to watch the video appears below.

Plastic tanks are poly’s. Nothing sticks to poly’s. Right?

There’s an adage that “Nothing sticks to Teflon® whose time as past.  The video below shows how we bonded Teflon® to Teflon®, wood to Teflon®, metal to Teflon®, and rubber to Teflon®.  At the 10:20 mark of the video the demo piece that we challenged individuals to break apart is, in fact, broken.  But no bond is broken, the block of wood split.  One favorite story about the trade shows is that there was a body builder who was sure he could twist the wing nut off the Teflon®.  He tried for two minutes. really tried.  The metal to Teflon® and all other bonds survived that attack and every attack that followed.

So putting a Tech-Patch on a poly tank is not a problem.

At the same time we shot the Tech-Patch on a metal pail video, we did a Tech-Patch on a plastic gas can.  With this video, we glued down the edges of the Tech-Patch and filled the plastic tank with gasoline.  Many of the trade shows were held outside so, consequently, the plastic tank swelled.  Often to twice its normal size.  Not a drop has leaked.  Tech-Patches stretch, a critical component for permanence.

The original video is below.

The Tech-Patch itself is made of a high-grade polymer whose surface is pressure treated with another polymer.  There patches are impervious to most hydrocarbons, water, most chemicals and weather.  So your Tech-Patch repair will be as permanent as any repair can be.  Finally we do offer a money back guarantee on Tech-Patches also.

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