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Welcome to, the Adhesive Solutions site. Except for the first few paragraphs, this section is targeted for the beginner, the novice who has a damaged item and limited knowledge on how to repair their possession. However, for both the novice and repair pro, our first recommendation is to read the instructions. Read first is a concept often foreign to males, including me. but, since Tech-Bond is a different adhesive technology from that which the pro is familiar, a read first policy is critical. For the novice, the general instructions give a step-by-step guide to make any and all repairs like a pro.

For the expert, reading the instructions will explain that the key to bonding an elastomer is very firm pressure for the first ten seconds. Pressure during that critical time period produces a more durable bond than putting a clamp on the join minutes later. Our patent pending Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™ (System) uses the laws of chemistry and physics to greater effect than any over-the counter consumer adhesive.

To reiterate, Tech-Bond is an adhesive system, not just a bottle of glue. The performance tools of the System enable the laws of chemistry and physics. Repairs are accomplished more quickly, easier and, most importantly, those repairs are longer lasting. By reading and following the instructions, you’ll get the results you need every time and most importantly, those repairs will last.

Other relevant comparisons of the Tech-Bond adhesive system to glues, super glues and epoxies follows:

* The super glues sold in stores are, in our opinion, too thin for general use. Often, this thin stuff ends up on your hands which is NOT fun. Our standard SI adhesive (SI Blue) is a little thicker than super glue, providing more control and offering less potential damage to fingers. Our SI Black is even thicker giving you more control when needed.

* SI stands for Surface Insensitive meaning our adhesive system will work on all materials except for glass, stainless or alloy steels. SI adhesives excel at bonding one type of material to another type. Normally a challenge for any adhesive.

* The Tech-Bond System works on metal, wood, rubber, vinyl, china, porcelain, fiberglass, toy and modeling plastics, etc. IF the material is flexible, as long as you do not overuse the SI adhesive, the bond will be flexible.

* There is another materials group that has been difficult to bond, i.e., the slick plastics (polymers, co-polymers and polyolefins {poly-plastics}). There are a few glues which can give you some type of result when working with a poly, but most of them are not recommended for the novice. Our patented Polymer Bonding Process (Process) is easy to execute. On our website,, there are a number of “how to“ videos. Those along with the detailed step-by-step instruction guide allow the novice to easily bond Teflon®, silicone rubber, nylon, etc., to themselves, to other polys or to any other substrate, except for glass, stainless and alloy steels.

* When you buy a glue. any glue, at a big box store, you do not know how old that adhesive is. Adhesives are perishable. Every adhesive you purchase from Tech-Bond has been treated like a perishable item. Hence, our two years shelf-life guarantee.

* Once you have your System, you will want to keep that system available to use for as long as possible. Immediately refrigerate your kit. Before using your kit, bring it back to room temperature because, the System creates chemical reactions. Those reactions occur best at room temperature.

Finally, if you have any questions, or need to be walked through a repair, a Solutions Engineer is always available.

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