Is Tech-Bond “Food-safe”?

Is the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™ (System) a “food safe” adhesive according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

When the FDA considers the question of “food safe” regarding adhesives and sealants, the first issue considered is whether the adhesive used is going to come into “direct contact” with food.  Packaging, labels and the surfaces of processing machinery do come into direct contact with food and the adhesives used in these instances must be “food safe”. 

If there is not direct contact with food, the FDA requirements are much less stringent.  In cases of indirect contact, the FDA leaves the determination of whether an adhesive is suitable or not to the manufacturer.

Are Tech-Bond’s Surface Insensitive (SI) Cyanoacrylates and BP Blue, also a cyanoacrylate, considered food safe when there is no direct contact with foods?

When the FDA considers whether an adhesive is “food safe” when there is not any direct contact, the principle consideration is the ingredients of that adhesive.  The FDA has ruled that the ingredients of Krazy Glue® and Rhino Glue, both cyanoacrylates, are “food safe”.  Our SI and BP Blue adhesives use the same ingredients as Krazy and Rhino glues.

As to the use of Tech-Bond’s Activator/Accelerator and Poly Prep, both “flash off” within seconds.  Both liquids completely evaporate.  There is not any remaining residue that would render the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™ unsafe around food.

Since Tech-Bond’s adhesives bond the two surfaces together and become part of the molecular structure, there will not be any degradation of the adhesive nor leaching of the adhesive into the foods being processed.

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