How to repair a hole in a copper pipe

Tech-Patches will quickly, easily and permanently repair holes in copper pipe

Numerous testimonials avow that damaged copper pipe does not always need to be replaced. Since cutting and sweating copper pipe can be a challenge for the weekend mechanics. Repairing instead of replacing is often a good idea. However, a review of the repair systems featured on the internet reveals that a simple repair may not be as simple or effective as promised. Tech-Patches are easy to use and always work..

The picture below shows how well Tech-Patches bond to copper. Bonds are permanent.

Tech-Patch on copper pipe

Tech-Patches are made of one of fluorosilicone. Fluorosilicone is the polymer of choice for many high stress environments in the aerospace and automotive industries. Tech-Patches are highly resistant or impervious to oil, gas, hydrocarbons, weather, water, common chemicals, etc.

Yes, the bond is at good as it looks.

Our video on how to apply a Tech-Patch

The procedure for applying the Tech-Patch is always the same. There are some substrates that need a slight tweak of the Process. Copper is not one of those. We have shot a video on repair copper, we just have to edit that video and post it.

Instructions for repairing a hole in a copper pipe

Surface preparation is always critical. With copper, your need to rough the surface down to bare copper. For copper, a polished surface is recommended. To achieve a polished surface, you need to finished the roughing with a 400 or 600 grit paper.

  • Rough the surface down to a polished finish.
  • Clean the surface with any cleaner that will not leave a residue.
  • Wipe the surface with a soft cloth.
  • Spray the prepped surface with the Activator Accelerator (AA). Let the AA dry.
  • Cut the Tech-Patch to fit. You need a half inch of Tech-Patch beyond the hole or problem area.
  • Apply the SI Black Structural Adhesive o the Tech-Patch.
    – Apply SI Black using concentric circles.
    – Start on the edges, making sure that the SI Black will reach all the way to the edge,
    – Do not apply SI Black to opposite corners.
    – Apply a heavy layer of SI adhesive where the problem area is located.
  • Grab the diagonal corners. Apply tension.
  • Press the Tech-Patch over the problem area. Maintain pressure for six to ten seconds.
  • Use the glue squeegee to apply firm pressure for fifteen seconds to the patch from the center out.
  • Rub a bead of the SI adhesive around he edges and under the two diagonal corners.
  • Use the glue squeegee to press the corners down.
  • Apply a bead of SI Black around the entire perimeter.
  • Spray the seam with the Activator/Accelerator.
  • Visually inspect the Tech-Patch to verify that there are not any problem areas.
  • If there are, apply SI Black and spray with Activator/Accelerator to correct the problem.

If your copper pipe is cracked, you must drill a small hole at each end of the crack.

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