How to Fix A Refrigerator Shelf

Why did the break occur?

Must users have given a 5-star rating to our patented Polymer Bonding Process (Process). One of the few repairs that has mixed reviews is the repair of a refrigerator shelf. Concerning refrigerator shelves, we have star reviews and some less than star. Why? In a word, engineering or, more accurately, bad engineering. Let us take a moment to share what we have learned.

Our five star reviews comes from situations of trauma, such as;

  1. The break was caused by the door slamming on a shelf
  2. The shelf was removed and someone stepped on it.
  3. Or any other example of breakage by accident.

When the break of a polymer, like a refrigerator shelf, is for a reason other than age and/or normal wear and tear, the Process works to your satisfaction. When the Process does not work to your satisfaction, we do offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. Buy, as stated, if your shelf was poorly engineered and the break occurred because of age or normal wear and tear, don’t waste your time.

Specifically, if you have a tab that clicks into place after flexing, do not bother to try and repair that tab. Because of bad engineering, that repair won’t last long, the tab will break again. Unfortunately, feedback received from customers indicates that the other option, buying a replacement shelf is not a terrific idea either. Tabs on replacement shelves will not last nearly as long as the originals. You will, however, get several years of usage out of a replacement. More, if care is taken.

When repairing/bonding a polymer fixture with the Process, strength comes from the amount of surface area involved. Since manufactured parts are thin, therein lies the a challenge, Is there enough surface area so that bond strength exceeds the stress to be levied.

*Our Poly Kits will bond any and all refrigerator components.

If you have any questions, please call 877 565 7225.

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