Money Back Guarantee

With every purchase you get a money back guarantee.  We promise miracles (after all nothing sticks to Teflon®)  and promise to give you your money back is you don’t get that miracle.   Wait!  There’s more.

money symbols

Whatever the currency symbol, we offer a money back guarantee on your purchase.That more?  If the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™ does not meet your expectations for any reason, we will refund your purchase price.  Simply return your purchase for the refund.

You may ask why you need to make a return return on your purchase.  Here’s why.  You try one repair and you’re not happy with the result.  So you complain.  Our kits will make dozens of repairs on virtually all substrates, from aluminum to Zytel®.  So if you keep your purchase, you’ll be able to make all those repairs.  You’ll save a LOT of money and we don’t make any money if we refund your money on your word.     

Our forte is the polymers.  The Bonding Poly Process™ will bond polymers, co-polymers and poly-plastics (polyolefins).   Polymers are those plastics that current wisdom says that you can’t glue.  Silicone rubber is a polymer.  Click on the link below and watch silicone rubber being bonded.  Bonds are stronger and more durable than glue joins.

Bonding Silicone Rubber

Bonding occurs when there is a chemical reaction.  Further, a stronger chemical reaction produces a stronger bond.   However, our promise extends beyond polymers.

Bonding wood, metal, rubber, fiberglass, leather, china, vinyl, etc.

Yes, you can glue wood, metal, rubber, fiberglass, leather, china, vinyl, virtually all materials.  Gluing is often problematic.  Bonding is quick and easy.  Frequently, glue joins fall apart.  Bonds are far more durable.  A link to watch a video on molecular bonding appears below.   

Molecular Bonding   

You will be amazed at your result when you bond, not glue.  I know, you don’t believe.  That’s another reason we offer the money back guarantee.  There’s a phrase that’s popular right now.  “What do you have to lose?”

Click on the link below if you want to busy a kit to do polymers.

Bond poly-plastics and polymers

Now if you want to bond  wood, metal, rubber, fiberglass, leather, china, vinyl and virtually all other materials, click on the link below.

Bond wood, rubber, leather, metal, vinyl, acrylics, etc.

Alright, you reached the end and, if you’re here, you’ll have one question.  What won’t the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™ bond?   Answer:  Glass and Stainless Steel.  The system will glue glass and stainless, but the join will not be permanent.  EVERYTHING else is permanent.



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