Don’t glue Delrin, BOND Delrin® POM

Delrin to Delrin and metal to Delrin

Glue Delrin®?  No, “bond” Delrin®, with our patented Polymer Bonding Process (Process).

Conventional wisdom is that you can’t glue Delrin® (black acetate) or any other polymer.  Which, as seen in the picture below, is an incorrect as saying “That the world is flat. Science and people using science are always making advaaces.

This is a demo piece

A demo piece for trade shows. The white bar is Teflon

By adding the power of  chemistry and and the laws of physics you can now “bond” Delrin® and any other polymer … to itself or to almost any other substrate. By using our patented Polymer Bonding Process (Process), you can bond Delrin® to almost anything quickly, easily and permanently.

Bonding Delrin® Video

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