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Tech-Bond Solutions home of the Polymer Bonding Process and Tech-Patches The Eureka moment for the Polymer Bonding Process (Process) occurred in November 2016 when the Process was used to bond polyurethane to polyurethane. Since then, the Process has worked in every field situation and on each lab test. In addition, during the last three plus years, the Process has been tested by many PhD’s, dozens of engineers, and hundreds of technicians.

Everyone who tested the Process will avow that they achieved phenomenal results. For water utilities who wish to conduct their own tests, we will provide a sample Tech-Patch We are confident that you will come to the same conclusion that everyone else has, “the Process and the Tech-Patches are amazing”.

The advantage of the Process is, and always will be ,the new solutions, the new horizons that become available. In January 0f 2017, we were challenged by a Hazmat supervisor to develop a patch that would work to stop active gas leaks. We designed a prototype patch that will stop small to medium gas leaks almost instantly. We will complete that project in the next year or so.

That project led to the development of Tech-Patches. Our patches are made of fluorosilicone,the polymer of choice for extreme environments in the aviation and automotive industries. Onceapplied with the Process, Tech-Patches will not come off steel, PVC, copper, ABS, galvanized and even HDPE pipes. In addition, Tech-Patches will seal holes and cracks on poly tanks and containers.

Annually, there are about 330,000 main line and drain line breaks in the US and Canada. Not every crack or hole in a pipe requires a replacement. According to industry statistics, the average cost of pipe replacement is more than $ 1,000. Average cost of a Tech-Patch repair will be well under $ 1,000, Importantly, the Tech-Patch repair will last as long as the pipe.

Tech-Patches have a pressure rating of over (will be available Monday, at least 300 psi) on all pipe substrates. At the time of this writing we are retesting HDPE pipes and testing the psi of the patch on steel pipes. During the first burst test on HDPE pipe, an end cap of the test device blew off at 300 psi. The HDPE pipe manufacturer was impressed.

Pipeline Solutions Inc, a sister company, is working with two oil and gas service companies, one in Canada and one in Saudi Arabia. With the Saudi company, we are testing our MX patches as a solution for wall thinning in storage tanks. The MX patch will solve that problem.

Canada’s issue is more challenging. Now that instrumentation can be bonded onto pipes, we are working on a device/system that would provide alerts when pressure builds within an oil and gas pipeline. An effective solution requires the integration of multiple technologies.

However, with the PhD’s and engineers that we have working on the problem, we have developed a prototype and testing awaits. As with many companies, the pandemic has slowed us down. Both of these solutions are breakthroughs for the oil and gas industry.

We are also independently working on a composite wrap to seal through wall Type B defects in oil and gas pipelines. Our Pipeline-Wrap meets all the requirements of ISO 24817, which specifies that a composite repair system for Type B defects will be a poly-fiber reinforced polymer. ISO 24817 further states that the “adhesive system is the key technology”. Since
Tech-Bond’s Poly Kits bonds poly’s, our Poly Kit is that key technology.

With the oil and gas industry, solutions need to be finetuned then tested. For repairing main and drain lines, Tech-Patches will provide substantial savings at a time where thrift is needed. We would like to work with water authorities on developing guidelines on the application issues that will arise within the water community.

All of the information on this page is available on our website. Please direct non-members in your organization to our website, to review engineering reports, Technical Data Sheets, SDS’s, videos, testimonials etc. If you have any questions, please call 877 565 7225 or email

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