BP Blue, the one-step adhesive for poly’s

BP Blue – solving polymer bonding for manufacturers.

For manufacturers, BP Blue, the one-step adhesive for poly’s, may solve one or more critical problems.  Without the use of an adhesion promoter, BP Blue will bond virtually all polymers, including; polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyurethane, Nylon 6,6, Nylon 7,7, Nylon 6,12, Teflon®, UHMW’s, Delrin®, poly-carbonates, silicone rubber, etc.  If a manufacturer or volume user needs to bond poly to poly or poly to other substrate test BP Blue.

It took years for our engineers to perfect the chemistry for BP Blue.  Injection molded, oil-based plastics resisted all efforts to glue them.  An answer was found and BP Blue has been successfully used in the prosthetics, dental, automotive and medical industries, among others.  Because BP Blue is a structural adhesive, its bonds will not degrade over time.

For those companies interested in cosmetic appearance, BP Blue dries clears.  Performance and appearance, a winning combination.

When to use BP Blue versus the “Bonding Poly Process™”?

A good question with a fairly straight-forward answer.  In a volume poly to poly application or a poly to other substrate, test BP Blue first.  When faced with the repair of a poly item, our “Bonding Poly Process™” will produce a stronger bond.   In manufacturing environments, the one-step nature of BP Blue’s application process makes it more cost effective solution.

For individuals trying BP Blue, using our Activator/Accelerator (A/A) and letting the A/A dry before bringing the two surfaces together will produce a stronger bond.  This technique of letting the AA dry is crucial to generating a stronger chemical reaction.  A stronger chemical reaction will produce a stronger bond.

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If you have any questions about BP Blue and its applications, please call 877 565 7225.

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