Creating a bond

Bonds are stronger and more durable than glue joins.  By using the power of chemistry, the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™ bonds your repair or materials.

A bond is created when there is a chemical reaction.  It took sixteen years of doing trade shows, working with clients and simply playing with our Structural Cyanoacrylates (SCA’s) to develop an understanding of the chemistry involved.  Admittedly, I was a slow learner, but I got there, even with polymers , like Teflon®, I got there.

One of the keys for the light going on was developing an understanding how to properly use our Activator/Accelerator.  If you’re a frequent user of glue you are familiar with accelerators.  According to instruction manuals, accelerators speed the cure of CA’s.  Our Activator/Accelerator does more than that.

It is important to know that there are three types of accelerators, alcohol based, heptane based, and solvent based.   Unless as an aerosol, solvent based accelerators are not sold over the counter.  In my testing, alcohol and heptane based accelerators do not yield the same results as our solvent based Activator/Accelerator.

What is that result?  Used properly, out Activator/Accelerator intensifies the chemical reaction that occurs with our SCA’a.  There is significant heat from the chemical reaction and the bond that forms is always, always stronger than a glue join.  I’ve tested this process with every substrate and the stronger chemical reaction occurs every time.  If you’ve watched our videos, you’ve seen some amazing repairs/bonds.

Many individuals have purchased kits after watching these videos.  Though I’m not doing nearly as many events, I’ve sold many kits at trade shows since the light went on.  There has been not been any negative feedback.  No one, not one person, has called me and said, that the bonding process didn’t work the way we said it would.  We are confident that the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System™ will work the same way for you.  Try it.








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