photo of bumper Tech-Bond Plastic Bumper Cover Repair - Tech-Bond Plastic Repairs — Bumper Covers Tech-Bond provides structural adhesives for a wide range of  projects, including bumper cover repair. In addition, there’s a wide variety of bumper cover types. However, all bumper covers use plastics. Repairs are simple with the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System. If you work on cars, you probably hate plastics.  Sure they are
Photo of footwear Quality Shoe Repair Without Leaving Home - Repairing Footwear Made Simple How many times do the soles of your (or your children’s) shoes peel off? Or the heels fall off? Or the inner lining comes out? Do you find yourself looking for a shoe repair shop, or making a trip to the shoe store? Do you want to repair your shoes yourself?
Molecular Bonding Benefits Compared To “Glues” - Molecular Bonding What is a molecular bonding? The best bond possible. It’s the process of joining two surfaces in a manner that causes a chemical reaction to occur.  That chemical reaction results in a “covalent bond.”  The stronger the reaction, the stronger the covalent bond, the more durable the bond. Thus, the better the repair! Molecular bonding
Bonding plastics with Tech-Bond products Bonding Plastics With Molecular Technology - Tech-Bond and Bonding Plastics Discover why our structural adhesives are the ideal solution for bonding plastics. Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding system — the best method for bonding plastics available today. Polymers are plastics like nylon,Teflon and Delrin. So many products we commonly use are made of polymers. Usually, we don’t even take notice. Most technology devices —