Adhesives – Single, 5-pack, 10-pack

Surface Insensitive (SI) Structural Cyanoacrylates (SCA)

Surface Insensitive (SI) Structural Cyanoacrylates (SCA’s) are designed to work with different substrates in any combination.
SI adhesives do not permanently bond glass, stainless or alloy steels.

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SI/Cranial GEL

Our GEL’s are thixotropic adhesives which offer maximum gap filling.

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BP Blue – the one component adhesive for long string Polymers

BP Blue bonds long string polymers, such as; Teflon®, Delrin®, HDPE, UHMW, etc., to themselves.  BP Blue is not recommended for cross-bonding. To start, add a MaxButton via the Block Settings on the right.

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Foam Safe Adhesives – low odor, low bloom

Foam Safe adhesives are low odor, low bloom and foam safe. Foam Safe adhesives work on open cell foams, such as styrofoam.
Foam Safe adhesives do not have the strength nor the durability of standard cyanoacrylates.

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