Adhesive products and tools

When you say adhesive products in the world of gluing and you just think “glue”, you’re existing in a 1960’s world.  In the 21st century, there is an array of products, which we call performance tools, that will make your core adhesive(s) work better, faster, stronger making your repairs and/or bonds last longer.  To be fair, some adhesives will bond some substrates.  In every case, however, the use of a performance tool will make the bond stronger, or make the bond occur faster, or will allow you to strengthen a bond, or, in some cases with some substrates – like polymers, will allow you to make a bond/repair where that bond or repair was impossible before.

Our adhesive products include our polymer-enhanced Surface Insensitive (SI) Structural Cyanoacrylates (SCA’s), BP Blue our Structural Cyanoacrylate (SCA) for polymers and our low-odor, low bloom, foam-safe cyanoacrylates.  SI Blue, our standard, SCA, is featured in Deluxe Poly Kit show below.

Our performance tools start with out standard Activator/Accelerators (AA’s).  Our standard AA’s are solvent based.  Solvent based AA’s, in our testing, produce better results, i.e., stronger chemical reaction, than heptane-based or alcohol-based accelerators.  We do offer heptane-based and alcohol accelerators.  There are times when the chemistry they provide offers the best solutions.  Because of better results are achieved – every time – when you use our standard Activator/Accelerator, they are including in every kit.

Adhesive products and performance tools - Activator/Accelerator, SI Blue, Poly Prep and Filler
Adhesive products and performance tools – Activator/Accelerator, SI Blue, Poly Prep and Filler.

Also in the deluxe kit shown above is our Poly Prep. the performance tool required for bonding polymers and our Filler which is used to fill cracks or holes (including stripped out screw holes where you can immediately drill and tap the filled hole).  Our Filler can be used as a restoration tool.

A link to a video on molecular bonding appears below.

A link to purchase our Deluxe Poly Kit, which gives you all of the performance tools show above appears below.


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