Activator/Accelerators (AA’s) do two things. The common understanding is that accelerators speed the cure of cyanoacrylates, commonly know as super glues. A more meaningful definition is that activators intensify the chemical reaction that occurs with the CA. Foam safe adhesives do not generally have the same reaction. Choose your AA below.

Standard Activator/Accelerators

Our standard Activator/Accelerators (AA) work with our SI adhesives to bond your repair or the substrates that you are joining together. The AA is a critical component in our patented Polymer Bonding Process.

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Aerosol Activator/Accelerator

Aerosol Activator/Accelerators are usually heptane based and are generally effective in creating bonds between substrates.

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Foam Safe Accelerators

Foam Safe Accelerators are also generally safe with fine finishes.

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