Tech-Bond Plastic Bumper Cover Repair

Tech-Bond Plastic Repairs — Bumper Covers

Tech-Bond provides structural adhesives for a wide range of  projects, including bumper cover repair.

In addition, there’s a wide variety of bumper cover types. However, all bumper covers use plastics. Repairs are simple with the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System.

If you work on cars, you probably hate plastics.  Sure they are attractive. They aren’t heavy. In addition, they don’t rust.  And furthermore, plastics are cheap.

Let me phrase that in a different way.  Plastic is cheap. Replacement plastic parts are not.  In fact, you can accurately say some replacement parts are outrageously expensive.

If you are the purist who only wants a pristine, never sullied result, this blog post is not for you. The Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System is not for you. However, if you desire a pristine result that will not come apart from normal wear and tear, the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System is your answer. Not only for bumper covers, but for all car plastics.

OK, back to bumper covers.  One of our customers is a mobile bumper cover repair company. They have been using the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System to repair bumper covers for years. They describe it as the best system they have ever used, even if, on some jobs, they skip a step or two.

Using the Activator/Accelerator enhances the quality of the repair.  First, you saturate each edge of the tear with the Poly Prep. Then spray the Activator/Accelerator on one edge only.  Next, let the Activator/Accelerator dry.  Then, apply a structural adhesive to the other edge.  Finally, bring the two edges together. This process gives you a stronger chemical reaction, and as a result, a better bond.

Your repair will be further enhanced if you add one more simple step. Heat the edges of the tear with a heat gun or a hair dryer for thirty seconds. This should be done after you use the Activator/Accelerator, but before you apply the structural adhesive.

Bring the two edges of the tear together, and hold firmly for twenty seconds. Finally, use the heat gun or hair dryer on the seam for another thirty seconds. This process will result in the best repair possible.

There are many ways to use the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System – around the house, in the shop, in the garage, in the office and at work.  Each use will save you time, and save you money.