Quality Shoe Repair Without Leaving Home

Repairing Footwear Made Simple

How many times do the soles of your (or your children’s) shoes peel off? Or the heels fall off? Or the inner lining comes out? Do you find yourself looking for a shoe repair shop, or making a trip to the shoe store?

Do you want to repair your shoes yourself? Think of the time and money you could save! Our Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding system enables you to repair your own shoes, for pennies!

You can repair all types of footwear from boots and high heels, to tennis shoes and flip flops. You only need two of our products, the adhesive itself and our activator/accelerator. Both are available in a single kit. (Click here to purchase)

Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding provides a better — and quite different solution. than typical glue. Our structural adhesive creates a permanent repair that is often stronger than the original materials.

Repairing shoes with Tech-Bond is simple. Just follow our “1, 2 Fixed” video available here.

For example, repairing shoe soles takes just a couple of minutes. Let’s talk about repairing small surfaces. First apply Tech-Bond structural adhesive to the sole of the shoe. Next press the sole and shoe together for approximately ten seconds. Then apply the activator/accelerator to the seam of the repair.

Repairing larger surface areas requires a different method. First spray the activator accelerator on one side, and let dry. Then apply the adhesive to the opposite side in a continuous line. Next line up the seam and press sides firmly for twenty seconds. That completes your repair. It’s that simple.

To repair shoe separations or peels, simply apply the adhesive to problem areas or cracks. Then press the area firmly while spraying the seam with activator/accelerator. Hold the area firmly for twenty seconds.

Shoe repairs with Tech-Bond don’t require curing time. So once you finish repairing the problem, you’re good to go.

Put our adhesives to work for you today. See for yourself just how well Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding system works. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the results! If you’re not, let us know. We offer a 100% guarantee with our product.