Polymer Bonding Process and Tech-Patches

Our patented Polymer Bonding Process (Process) PERMANENTLY bonds any polymer, such as HDPE, Teflon, nylon, Delrin, polypropylene, Mylar, polyethylene, UHMW, polycarbonates, etc., to itself, to any other polymer and to almost all other substrates. Tech-Patches PERMANENTLY seals holes and cracks in all common pipe and tank substrates. Since 2016, both the Process and Tech-Patches have had over a 99 percent success rate.
Further, there has not been a reported failure of a bond created by the Process, nor of a Tech-Patch. We are confident that these breakthrough technologies will work for you!

Tech-Bond Solutions

Check out our patented Bonding Poly Process. Better chemistry means a stronger, more durable bond.


Tech-Patch Repair Solutions

Tech-Patches are made of fluorosilicone (FVMQ) and seals holes and cracks in all common and pipe and tank substrates. When you “plus” a tech-patch, you are increasing its resistance to abrasion and other issues.

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Tech-Bond Solutions

Check out our patented Bonding Poly Process. Better chemistry means a stronger and more durable bond.

Tech-Patch Repair Solutions

Tech-Patches are made of FVMQ and seal holes and cracks in pipelines, tanks, barrels and all other containers.

SI Structural adhesives

Si Structural Adhesives are a stabilized premium cyanoacrylate (CA). There are two beneficial advantages with stabilized CA’s. Regardless of the substrate, a stabilized substrate will work consistently well. Secondly, the shelf life of a stabilized CA is substantially better than an ordinary superglue. That increased shelf life will save you money.

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Why “Kits”?

Why are over 90% of our sales to consumers “kits”? Short, but critical, answer is chemistry. Each of our Tech-Bond kits contain an SI adhesive, but also one or more of our preformance tools. What is a performance tool? A performance tool is a chemical compound that will increase the power of the chemical reaction generated by an SI adhesive. A stronger chemical reaction means a stronger and more durable bond. Stronger chemistry means stronger and more durable bonds. Better chemistry, better results.

Polymer Bonding Process-Bond don’t glue

Tech-Bond Solutions has two pillars that provide the foundation for our unmatched performance; the Tech-Bond Molecular Bonding System and the patented Polymer Bonding Process (Patent No. 10,577,521). These two pillars create a stronger bond between almost all substrates regardless of the type of materials being bonded and whether or not the materials is bding bonded to itself or to another type of substate.

The Tech-Patch Repair Solution

Tech-Patches are made of fluorosilicone (FVMQ). FVMQ is the polymer of choice in high stress situations for the aviation, aerospace and automotive industries. Tech-Patches are impervious to gas, oil, water, weather and most common chemicals. Tech-patches are a solution for the holes and cracks that occur in metal and plastic tanks, pipes, barrels and containers. Most importantly Tech-Patches are the affordable repair solution that is PERMANENT.
Better chemistry, better results.

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